Relationships are like a pair of shoes…

Many poets and word-smiths have lent their pens to describing what a relationship is really like. Thankfully, the world of the internet has reduced these long soliloquies into short memes.

However, ever now and again, it’s good to let the pen craft a few words to capture the hearts and minds of those in search of a wonderful analogous photo. Your local friendly blogger has found someone who has done the job quite well, sparing you a long lengthy read today. LOL

The following post is a sharing of a thought left by a friend of the blog on their social media. Being shared with permission.

Relationships are like a pair of shoes…

relationshipshoes 2

the original text is not in English… relied on online translation for the content

On second thought, relationships are like a pair of shoes

Some seem perfect for us, but then they reveal themselves too tight.

Others fit in, but we just can’t feel comfortable in them.

Then, there are the beautiful ones, best used in moderation.

But then, there are the ones, the ones you wouldn’t give two cents for… but can’t do without…

Heeling Credits

The original photo and caption was shared by Sara Corinaldesi of “Shoes On The Road” who shares her thoughts and images on Instagram

As a small business owner, she’s taken her passion to the next level and is making positive waves. I’ve attached a copy of the original photo for those who want to verify the translation… lol


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