Happy 2019 with renewed perspectives on love

The time has come to start of a new romantic notion called New Year’s Resolutions.

Kidding… lol

But serious.

Happy New Year!

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you all the most amazing new year possible!

Happy New Year 2019

The calendar has flipped. The date has changed. Things are now fresh and new. The air feels different. There is a buzz about it.


This is a chance to change things, renew things, launch things, try things.

While it’s all festivities and happiness, this blog wishes your romance a new fresh start at a higher level of happiness.

It wasn’t easy in the past to find and keep romance alive and you’ve made it this far. It may not be easy to do the same this year, but the resolve to do better is never stronger than it is now.

Best Wishes

No matter what angle you take on love, it is the glue that fuels a lot of potentials. Love makes people work harder to be together. Love makes people work hard to transform themselves, protect others, and learn new ways of being.

Love happens between parents and children, siblings, friends, lovers, communities, and many other ways by which humans relate.

Not all love is romantic. Not all love has to settle for no romance. Not all love is manifested physically. Not all love makes the cheeks red.

But all love is understood through the actions the lover uses.

We all know how it feels to be loved. Most of us know how to nourish love.

Let this year be a year of nourishment and replenishment.

May your love bloom and prosper. Grow and glow. Thrive well above just surviving.

Use your memory of great times to fuel your enthusiasm for creating new memories of love.

With an eye towards the future, plan to have time to nourish love and let it grow.

Some risks will be necessary, some hurt might be inevitable, but healing always follow.

The heart needs to practice love and the mind needs to get wise about allowing love.

With smart practice the heart and mind will allow love to bloom and prosper.

Let’s not forget our intuitive side that detects sources of wholesome love.

Plans and resolutions

The plan is to continue to provide thought provoking perspectives on love and also supply some cool romantic stories to inspire the imagination.

This writer doesn’t do resolutions but desires to maintain the growth already seen and push the envelope forward even more.

Whatever your plans are for your love, do make sure to keep your perspective clear, clean, and open. Then, do the necessary work to improve and embellish your love.

Cheers to a great new year. Cheers to new possibilities. Cheers to ever growing expansion of love and all the supporting perspectives that will allow love to grow.

Enjoy your journey. Share your journey. Learn during your journey. And love richly throughout your journey.

Best wishes to you all this 2019 year of grace.


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