Making Time

Making Time

We’ve been busy. Life is lovely. We rush to and from work. Barely time to set a date together. Yet, we’re always up to date on the scores of our favorite teams, the latest gossip, the politics, and the television shows.

We know what our friends are up to, just check social, we know what we want to know. But, going out on a date can often feel like a chore in the busy pace of life.

It’s not that we don’t like each other. It’s not that we don’t love each other. It’s that we know each other already. We figure and assume, they understand. They know. They should know, after all, don’t they care like we care?

Feelings change, sure, they mature. At first, it was insane. Curious to the max. It couldn’t be more thrilling. But, with the chase done, shouldn’t we just… you know… grow up?

It’s more automatic and reflexive than we think. We grew up seeing parents settle for their routine of parenting. Now, even before any children join the scene, we fall into a routine.

All the created time has to be repaid, it’s like a debt to life we must return. Who can sustain life going out on crazy dates all the time? Or is that just something society tells us we can’t do?

It’s different now, it’s not the teen years of reckless abandon. We have responsibilities now. We are grown ups.

But wait a moment. Some of us found each other already as grown ups. We made time then. We went out and had fun. It wasn’t all fancy and expensive every time. But we spent time together, away from the busy city pace, finding our own garden of quiet.

Sure, it often led to fooling around, but that was then. Where has the time gone?

If we’re at all realistic, something we blame our partners for not being, ignoring how we’re unrealistic ourselves, we’d note that we are making time… but for something else.

It’s almost like we’re robbing Pete to placate Paul not realizing we’re starving Phil. Take a moment to pause the thrill of being busy and let’s work on being productive for a change.

We don’t need to check our phones for notifications every few minutes. It won’t hurt to actually keep that device outside the bedroom once in a while, if not every night. Just like everyone got used to emailing us at all hours of the night, they can learn to respect our sleep and let us chat a few minutes.

We can make a little time, between binged shows, to notice how we maintain ourselves in good health. Even still… steal a kiss every now and again.

A compliment or two doesn’t cost much for time, but adds value across time, multiplying the feeling of closeness and togetherness. It’s really a matter of making time.

It’s a gradual shift in the other direction, reclaiming what was once ours, the feeling of love. Making time is not dramatic, it’s systematic, even poetic.

A little text here and there, not to give orders, but to remind the other of the sweetness their charm brings to our lives. Making a little time to savor a rainbow after a storm instead of turning on the televised political storm first.

Making time to add the word “please” and smile when asking for a little assistance goes a long way to garnishing a few “thank you” and “you’re welcome” instead of forced nods of resentments.

Pockets of made time saves time and prolongs time. Being nice now, means we have our partner stick around a lot longer, saves on time that could have been invested in arguing, while keeping us happy together a lot longer.

The ripple effect of making time defies the laws of physics, when you think about it, but is perfectly in line with the laws of nature.

Time may seem to fly when you’re having fun, but the memories stick around a long time. The feeling of sweet romantic bliss has a funny way of keeping the moments of sheer boredom away, as you reflect on your day. Making time to be nice to our love, just shifts the whole concept of timed stress, because we’ve crowded our plates with grace, no time for haste or stress.

There is a reason why we have expressions that sound like “oh… check out who got laid last night”. It may be crude, definitely touches on rude, but it’s true. Making time to invest in our love gives us a glow and cools our lean towards defensive blows.

We are grown ups now. We control our time. We make our own choices. We’re free to design our lives as we see fit. Let’s make the best use of our time and invest in what really matters… us.

It’s high time we make time to have time.

Priorities should become what it used to be… one word… priority. Let that one major vision influence the mission that directs the implementations in strategic ways. The tactics will follow suit and time will have been made.

For the sake of love, hold on to the perspective of making time…

Thank you for making time to enjoy this piece of musings. Should you feel inclined to share, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for clicking like and encouraging more such thoughts. Have a blessed rest of day.

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