Time Shifts

Some day you say... Why not today... When life shifts... you've got to shift as well... musings from social media

Reflections on Reflection

It is easy to feel badly about ourselves when comparing our life to other's highlight reel. Social media is such a highlight reel. So long as you are better today than you were yesterday.. you're winning

Troubling Nuances

We can attack each other or give each other the benefit of the doubt... then build together. People tend to act from a good place.... however... we don't always agree on what is good. These nuances can be troubling... if mishandled

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Random musings in poetic prose.... Women are strong. Some don't need a man. But others chose to be with a man. Strength recognizes strength. Only he who is worthy... can play the keys and make them jingle his tune

That Passive Aggressive Ish

That person who means well... but really hurts all too well. They say stuff, do stuff, forget stuff.... in such hurtful ways.... yet.. they don't see it. Stan had enough. If his lady didn't stop her Ish, their relationship was going to be over.

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A Perspective on Intimacy

We often think of intimacy as something sexual. It's not. Seeing someone's soul as they are... that's intimacy. Romance with intimacy leads to great sensuality and sex... love too. Looking at authenticity in relationship building through the perspective of intimacy

Embracing Healing

Sometimes it takes a harsh look at oneself to break the cycle of self-criticism and self-sabotage Embrace healing to free oneself to be more Play on words. Sharing is caring. Level up one's mindset is a gift of self-love

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Keeping Romance Fresh

Falling in love... being romantic at the start... is easy The work often gets discounted... when things work out fine But... the same work that went into the art of seduction... is the work that keeps a romance...fresh Few musings on the mindset of keeping romance fresh

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