Behind the Scenes: Roll Call

In a conversation with a wonderful friend from IG, a concept came to mind. Back to school, being the hectic season that it is, has a lot of promise of new experiences. Many new chances at discovery.

Then, social media started cracking jokes about cuffing season. For those who don’t know… (and don’t want to check online) it’s the season where people settle into relationships as the cold weather months arrive… after having played the field over the summer holiday.

Got me thinking. Could there be something that could come of these two topics of conversation that would continue the Steve and Sarah saga?


The whole of the story, they’ve been on the edges of a new romance. They’ve had many challenges get in the way. Now, it’s only fair that they start to move towards each other.

Taking a page from cuffing season and the chat I had with my friend, figured the only good back to school option was to get Steve and Sarah to continue their saga in a school setting. After all, Sarah and Steve both teach in the school system.

The question then became… how do I set this story up correctly. I’ve not been in school in a long long time. I do have a few good memories that are somewhat reliable-ish. Yes, the nerd in me acknowledges that memories do lose fidelity over time. Anyway. Had to think of some of the more romantic or memorable moments from my youth.

Then it hit me. I’ve always wondered what teachers did behind the scenes that students never seemed to fully appreciate. What if the same issues of discovering love happened to the very teachers who appeared unaffected by love. I knew that there were a few single teachers when I was growing.

That served the backdrop for the creation of this most current chapter, Roll Call. That backdrop has proved to be a gold mind of ideas that deal with romance. That era of life, nearly forgotten, has so many firsts and so many I-wonder-if’s.

While the saga between Steve and Sarah gave birth to this very blog, nearly a year ago, can’t say that all the coming chapters will be based around the school setting. It can well spin off other stories from that era of time though.

On the other blog that I write… took some of the inspiration behind this story to also set up their back to school special. The drive by the old school grounds of my childhood brought back a flurry of ideas that should prove helpful in continuing the build up of this storyline.

The biggest lesson of this project is that in love… communication is so vitally important and so under-rated. People assume that words equal communication. It’s not always that trivial or that simple. In the words of a dear friend, the older you get, the more important communication gets. Mainly because life is increasingly more complex as we age and also we grow and have that much more changes happening inside of us… if we rest and relax on communicating, things will easily pass us by and love will start to wither away.

Had Steve and Sarah just had time to talk to each other, they wouldn’t have gone into the school year with so many emotional questions. The would not have risked losing it all. Let’s not get me started on the inspiration for the Mackenzie character. That should be it’s own commentary for another behind the scenes.

When the Rolls are Called for your relationship, it’s cool to respond “present” and actually be present. Enjoy the read on the blog as well as all the other content being created for your enjoyment.


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