Introducing Storyboards

Introducing “Storyboards”


Despite the very fancy name for this segment of the portfolio, not every post will be the exact storyboard used to create a story for the blog.

This fancy name is just another way of giving the reader a look behind the scenes of what goes on in creating storylines to share. There will be insights behind some of the characters, the design process of how the story is crafted, and also an opportunity to showcase people who have influenced the blog.

Many of the snippets will be designed such that it will showcase the writing ability of the author of this blog. A look into the creativity and growth of writing about love. Some answers will be tucked away here as well as on the blog… like… why write about love? Answer, it’s one of those feelings that totally takes over you and moves you as well as shapes you. Why not talk about it in many different ways.



Before concluding this introduction, just a little look at the history of this blog. Initially, it was a test platform for another concept that needed to be developed. Still does, by the way.

Then, it became a way to share many ideas that kept floating about the creative spaces of my cerebral cortex (yes, I do think this way). However, I was acutely aware of several fears getting in the way of sharing my story. This was hurting my other project and keeping this blog from blossoming. So, throwing a little caution to the wind, I pushed through and started experimenting with story writing.

The first visual makeover was to make the site feel like a proper site. Once that was done, I felt good and proud until I noticed that the readership nearly evaporated entirely. Not able to reverse the problem, I just threw myself into creating better and better content.

The last makeover was to address the loss of traffic from the last makeover. Time will tell what will come of this. This blog is a year old this month. Writing skills have improved and techniques changed plenty. The hope is to keep getting better and better of course. The second hope for the coming year, get a book published. Take one of these stories and make it a book.

Going Forward

The road of discovery has been amazing so far. Made cool friends along the way. Not planning on doing another redesign of the space (change of theme from WordPress) any time soon. Focused on growing the skills so that those who visit will have reason to come back and engage with me. It’s fun learning from other people their perspective on love.

Enjoy the view, enjoy the love in your life. Share freely. Share often. Share everywhere with anyone who might like this blog… or your unique perspective on love.

Editorial Note: The information below is added in late 2018 as part of a blog audit. New projects in this category will appear below. Just click on the title/image to be taken to the information within


Introducing Storyboards

Originally, the storyboard is an outline of what a story will become.

While this will be used to share a few behinds the scenes… it will also be a table of contents area for various stories running on the site

Love’s Storyboard

The place where the Table of Content and Storyboard lives for the major stories on this site.

All other posts are arranged in different ways

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