Collecting Social Shorts

Every now and again, a flicker of inspiration will be triggered by a photo shared on social media. After some thought, figured it was best to re-share these thoughts on the blog. After all, if the social platform goes down, at least the creativity lives on here.

Collecting Social shorts

This page is designed to allow an accumulation of these posts in one place. The blog will have a few of these posts show up over time. Instead of having people dig around for all the posts… should they want to binge read… time to let the site aggregate the posts on one page.

By all means, feel free to bookmark this page to get all the social media posts listed out in one place.

Most of these posts will be romantic poetry efforts but who knows what other inspirations will strike. Enjoy!

It’s all about the words

The below links will feature the posts that were shared on social media… well… most of them anyway. Do check back in every now and again, as these links will self-update whenever a new post is shared on the blog.

Until next time… have a fabulous romantic perspective to add to your smiles.

  • Relationships are like a pair of shoes… - When you find the right pair of shoes... you're cruising along beautifully. Find the right partner, and you're cruising along beautifully. Post inspired by the post of an online friend
  • Launched Social Shorts - Trying to expand the creative way by which a story is told. Keeping creativity fresh. Mixing the format up with social media images and storytelling Trying new ways to expand musings or share thoughts in a micro-blogging sort of way
  • Time Shifts - Some day you say... Why not today... When life shifts... you've got to shift as well... musings from social media
  • The Jingle of Keys - Random musings in poetic prose.... Women are strong. Some don't need a man. But others chose to be with a man. Strength recognizes strength. Only he who is worthy... can play the keys and make them jingle his tune


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