First of all… I try…

Sometimes, trying is not enough. Other times... it's the wrong type of trying. When love seems to be excessive amounts of work.. maybe something is lost in translation. On the blog today, looking at how to get the best for the efforts given... work smarter... not harder

Roll Call

With school back in session, it was only a matter of time before Sarah ran into Steve to ask him the all important question. However, Steve had plans of his own. Incognito. The man of steel wanted to pace himself first. Mackenzie saw an opportunity. There was a gap and she was going to blow it wide open and take her man of steel Would Sarah end up wanting? Will Steve answer the Roll Call?

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Before Stepping In

Sometimes... one has to just find a way to shake off the stress of work and not let it slip into the personal life (and vice versa) When one can create space to be cool, who knows what wonderful opportunities can flourish

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Jeff’s Planted Seed

Prelude Jeff had always loved Linda from the very first. The way she moved. The way she loved living. He had always felt she was the perfect answer to all of his problems. In fact, it turned out that most of the challenges in life he faced, he could attribute success in part to her... Continue Reading →

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