The VIPG Counsel

When we last met to discuss the adventure unfolding in this post, Marcy was a bit caught off-guard by Mr.H’s enjoyment of punishment. This had not sat well with Marcy and some of her closest friends. There was a shift in the social order that needed to be accounted for. What as not supposed to be a Courtyard Incident had the potential of unraveling many well kept secrets. It was high time to call in the special counsel that handled these matters quickly, quietly, and promptly. Marcy needed to have this thing go away before it became a mess. Do read on. There is much ground to cover.

Which Knight though?

An urgent communication was sent out to the Counsel of the VIPGs. Marcy needed support. There was the matter of Mr. H that needed to be cleared, resolved, and put to rest.

The vast buzz about the gossip channels had reached a fever pitch. The other nobles and notables had begun to show interest. Once a celebrity level relationship rose in the ranks, it was important to stir things in the right direction for the sake of the court.

Who were the VIPG’s?

A small secret society of women who worked behind the scenes keeping the peace amongst the courted dames of the square. Many knights had tried to pluck out the unsuspecting damsel for their own status gains and this counsel had saved many from embarrassment. The work of the VIPG’s rarely made the light of day or the local news, however, those who benefited were eternally grateful.

The Orders of Knights

In this particular court, there were three types of knights. This is not to discount the fourth category that roamed about the lands blending into other orders of knights while changing the times in favor or their king. Their reach had not yet come to this court, so for simplicity, their order is not discussed in much details. However, when they made landfall, it took lots of skilled efforts to mitigate their intentions.

Type Garish

To start, this order of knight is well, interesting. The colorful near garish types who, meant well and were generally harmless, kept they kingdom running smoothly. They worked with the nobility and had their own noteworthiness. Many of these knights took the time to train up the younger lads in the right ways of pursuit, whenever an apprenticeship was available. One still needed to be careful, as sometimes these knights were not always well treated by their better halves and would sometimes stray too close to younger dames.

Undercover Stealth

The second variety of knights were very much the undercover stealth variety. They were often mistaken for nerds, geeks, and generally mild mannered good guy types. They were well versed in the arts of courtship and rarely showed their cards to the casual observers. They moved in quiet circles and had nods of understanding that conveyed rich text of complexities undecipherable by nearly all except the kings and statesmen. It was told that some of the noble ladies and matrons knew of the code, but they rarely shared that information outside of their private counsels.


The third variety of knights, if you could even call them that, knew how to play the game without understanding how to be players in the game. They were the ones who had ease at getting dates, getting dames, getting scored. Their physical prowest was often matched by their charm and beauty.

For those not so blessed by physical attributes always made up for it in other social exchanges that made them very desirable. They were the most dangerous of knights as their loyalties rested in very selfish motives that were not easy to detect or understand. Their code amongst themselves appeared as complex as any other, but was not as complete or flushed. This variety of knights, women learned to fear while being drawn in by their very shiny armors.

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