Digital Dating

it may feel nice and easy to date digitally instead of the old fashioned way... but old school still has an edge on new school. Take a digital dating 101 look at the changes coming

A Wellness of Love

Sure, relationship takes work. Sadly, ,most people put in the wrong work and are shocked that things don't work out. Worse, others rather trade up partners before investing in themselves and their relationships. Refreshing your love is so well worth the effort for short term and long term happiness

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When Passions Collide

Growing apart and needing breaks is tough to navigate inside of marriage. Sometimes passions do collide... and how one goes about compromising says a lot about the long term survival of the relationship. A scene that could have ended pretty badly had conversations not taken this collision of passions

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Irrational Logics

there's at least three different ways to look at one event and come with many differing conclusions. He isn't always right and she's not always either. How can two different people see the same event so differently? Find out inside the blog post...

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Golden Handcuffs

Some feel that relationships are just balls and chains that keep people tied down. Others rather work on their careers than their personal relationships While others would much rather spend more time bond to each other in bliss. Whatever your preference, make sure your gold handcuffs fit your needs.


Things fall into routines. Stalemates and checkmates often leave feelings of stagnation. What can a couple do when their life stops being exciting? That is, if they don't want to split and start over....

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The Love Calendar

Nadine was totally fed up with Eddie. He just couldn't manage to be romantic Eddie was tired of hearing Nadine asking for more affection, love, time, everything. Then, science saved the day. What if a Love Calendar could handle all of this? Could it be too good to be true? Something had to give or else, the New Year would not finish very well for this couple.

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