Sitting Pretty

The Letter

Tiffany noticed her hands shaking as she started to open the letter. There had been no texts from Sam giving her any indication that she had done well. There were no follow up calls about it for weeks as she waited for the results. Not getting this job would be devastating to her. All the other offers on the table were not going to be sufficient to keep her standard of hope alive. Sure, she’d have her bills paid, but getting ahead would be very rough.

As she opened the letter, her heart paused, her mind grew strangely quiet, and the room seemed to close in quickly on her. Her eyes struggled to focus and pull the information off the page. As far as she knew, she had nailed the interviews, all of them. Only Sam had the final keys to her dream job.

“We regret to inform you that the position you’ve applied for was filled by another candidate…”

That was all Tiffany could process before tears flowed uncontrollably out of her. She sobbed and collapsed on her couch totally defeated. This was not what she was expecting. She wanted that position so much. The pay was six figures. The perks standard but amazing by her count. The hours would have been long, but that was what she was signing up for. What went wrong? What did she miss? Why was Sam so professional with her that day?

Much later that day

After a hard workout at the gym to help her pull herself together, Tiffany sat back down with the letter and a cup of icescream. Maybe there was a clue. As she reread the letter, she steadied herself to see what clues could be gleaned. The next set of interviews she’d undertake, she’d not stray from her old faithful interview suit. Sam had mislead her and she couldn’t understand why.

Somewhere in the middle of the letter, something popped up and caught her attention, causing her to sit up straight and bring all her attention to bare on the letter.

“Your application was reviewed for another more senior role that we feel you’re more qualified for. Should you find it suitable, we’d like to bring you in for training so you can start right away. Your presentation was noticed and your talent noted.”

Not able to breathe, Tiffany grabbed her phone to search the new titled position she was going to have. A few searches in, she discovered that she was landing a position of significant seniority to the one she had aimed for. The perks and bonuses were way more than she’d dare negotiate.

With trembling hands, she dialed Sam’s number and hoped her voice would not betray her amazement.

As Sam’s voice engaged her mind and sent her heart in a tailspin of desire for the man, her mind barely registered his compliments. She would not be working with him in the same office. The original position had her answering to him. This one had her running an entire development team. Her data would then allow him to make the decisions he needed to make with his team. They were equals. She was sitting pretty in this new role.

Sam’s closing statements puzzled her a little. He informed her that part of her success was his emphasis on key experiences she had learned on her internship journey. The part that sealed the deal for her, one of the interviewing ladies was impressed with how professionally successful her suit had been and wanted to have that kind of boss to work for.

So, it came down in fact to a lady liking her outfit instead of some dude wanting a hot sexy coworker. How interesting!


During one of the breaks from orientation, a young lady pulled up to Tiffany. The lady was a bit shy and nervous. She spoke a little timidly. She wanted to know how she could present herself as gracefully as Tiffany was. The lady said she’d love to learn and be coached as her lack of confidence was keeping her from rising up the ranks as fast as the other guys on the team.

Tiffany, at a loss of words, accepted the compliment and told the woman to believe in herself and carry herself as if she was already in the success position she was aiming to reach. That way, she looked the part, stood up like the part, and worked diligently to get the part.

Sam may have been on to something. However, she would have to consult with him about updating her wardrobe to continue sitting pretty, as this new look was still foreign to her. This dressing very feminine while portraying great power was all too new for her.

Corner Office

As Tiffany put the final opening touches to her corner office, Sam walked in and made the room feel like a sauna. The man just owned space in the most powerful of sexy ways.

As the formalities of welcome drew to a close, Sam took the liberty to advance a word that only their friendship would appreciate in the workplace.

“I am glad you got the position you deserved. You’ve worked for it. You’re sitting pretty. Glad you dressed to kill. Settling for less would have been a crime” Sam said with a playful wink in his eye that made Tiffany stand a bit more erect than she had planned. Sam caught that slight shift, smiled, nodded, then walked out the room.

Tiffany knew she was in trouble. Her dream of working with this man and winning him over was coming true. She was in fact sitting pretty. She made a note to thank him very personally as soon as they transitioned from friends and coworkers to something a bit closer.

As she watched Sam walk away, she hoped he felt the same for her.

From Sam’s view

Sam was happy his friend got what she had worked for. Now, he hoped that in time, he’d finally get a chance to share how much he had wanted her to sit pretty in her career. Maybe one day, he’d share with her how much he’d rather she sits pretty in his life. But there was the little hurdle of explaining to her how pretty pretty was in his world view. A view in which degrees of naughtiness had various consequences of happiness. That would be a project in and of itself to find out if Tiffany was open to that form of sitting very pretty.

To be continued?


the images this story were from the Getty website. Credit left intact with the images. they’re under copyright restrictions…. check the site first before using them. Only the cover image was designed by me… the model is an IG friend with her husband… they were thanked on IG (she’s helping design the next chapter(s) of this story)

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