A Case Study: Love vs Lust

Catching feelings is an experience that can be life altering. Knowing what feelings one caught is crucial to knowing if one must bail out or not. Bobby met Sally... a case study of love vs lust

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Roll Call

With school back in session, it was only a matter of time before Sarah ran into Steve to ask him the all important question. However, Steve had plans of his own. Incognito. The man of steel wanted to pace himself first. Mackenzie saw an opportunity. There was a gap and she was going to blow it wide open and take her man of steel Would Sarah end up wanting? Will Steve answer the Roll Call?

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Too Fast?

Nothing like that rush and sweet giddy feeling of falling in love. Nothing like that state of anxiety wandering if this feeling is real or will last. Can one fall in love too fast? Does it even matter how fast? Just maybe, let's slow down just long enough to find the sexy in falling in love... even if a bit fast. Trust me, it's worth the fast read. (play on words fully intended)

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When Passions Collide

Growing apart and needing breaks is tough to navigate inside of marriage. Sometimes passions do collide... and how one goes about compromising says a lot about the long term survival of the relationship. A scene that could have ended pretty badly had conversations not taken place....in this collision of passions

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As a man, there are certain needs only my lady can meet. It can be super frustrating when she just won't help me out with those needs. So, how do you compromise? Worse, what happens when you're too tired with fatigue to think straight to negotiate right? Today, we look at one way romance is often challenged and ruined by fatigue.

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A Strain Over a Drain of Pain

Couples fight. Some say over big things. Most, if honest, realize they fight over little things. Amber and Douglas were no different. Their fight almost flushed their strain down the drain (small play on words) Raises the question... how do you not sweat the small stuff anyway?

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Irrational Logics

there's at least three different ways to look at one event and come with many differing conclusions. He isn't always right and she's not always either. How can two different people see the same event so differently? Find out inside the blog post...

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Things fall into routines. Stalemates and checkmates often leave feelings of stagnation. What can a couple do when their life stops being exciting? That is, if they don't want to split and start over....

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The Long Look Back

Kevin was wrestling with feelings that he couldn't control, stop, reverse, or handle. If he didn't get a grip on them, they would ruin an otherwise perfect relationship Kevin sought help from the only wise person he could trust, Pat... the town's elder. Would Pat be able to help calm the inner struggles Kevin was facing or would his two year relationship implode as a consequence?

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Sitting Pretty

When she read the text, she knew that her plans were changed. However, there was no way of knowing just how much a change this would be. Her only hope was that this didn't mess up her job prospects, if not, he was going to pay very dearly. She wanted to upgrade her career and start sitting pretty for a change. Only she had no idea just how pretty she'd be sitting soon. Part One...

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