Unapologetically Sexy

There is a little bit of a problem that is made worse by the very guardians who should make it better. And today, the first layer of the massive union is about to get touched. In a small way for sure, but hey, gotta start peeling layers somewhere.

But first, let’s be clear, not everyone is affected by this, but why should anyone have to apologize for being sexy? Anyone should live unapologetically sexy as they want. However, alas, life isn’t so fair and rosy.

The Love’s Perspective

In most of humanity, the guardians of morality and all great things were men. Women did their own protecting of course, as the queens of their home, and they made sure there were no weaknesses to the defenses of the home. This takes away nothing from women warriors, women conquerors, women leaders, queens, and noble women of course.

Somewhere, a few guys got drunk on power and the whole thing started getting corrupted. The fall out today is that women are charged with being the guardians of their own morality and men get a free pass to be idiots their whole lives. The men who resist are seen as either prude, passe, out-dated, weird, crazy, out of touch, and downright unmanly. massive over-generalizations for artistic purposes

Explain please… like really… please!

The whole boys will be boys mantra is the stuff that gives guys their pass to be idiots. Not trying to offend any reader, but let’s be real today. Accountability to one’s self is part of adulthood. Acting as if there are no consequences is what children do. Hence the phrase, boys will be boys. When boys are not properly being raised, they feel they can play all day and not do anything else.

Of course, they are tempted to play too much, and we all know what happens when boys play too much. Someone eventually gets hurt. Sadly, today, it is often the very people who are entrusted to them who get hurt. That would be a girlfriend, a wife, a sister, a lady friend, or someone younger of either gender who looks up to that guy. While some older fellas will get hurt by this un-grown guy, they’ve usually seen enough of their own stupidity to take necessary precautions (or so one hopes)

Now that you’ve done upset the guys…. Will you do the same for the ladies?

Well, yeah. The down side of this imbalance is that women will take the fault for things that are not their fault at all. No gal should have to apologize for being in the room that she’s in. No gal should have to apologize for being smart. No gal should have to apologize for being sexy. No gal should have to apologize for feeling love.

So, ladies, stop saying sorry for being who you are! There is plenty of room for you to be yourself, so let yourself be yourself. The same accountability rules for men (however flaunted they may be by some) applies to you as well.

If you stay out too late drinking before your big exam, don’t expect a great performance during the test… or a good grade. That is just how life works. Gender doesn’t change that. What shouldn’t be is that one gender is not allowed to do things just because of their gender.(yes, many won’t agree… and yes… many will cheer… let’s keep it moving shall we)

In all sincerity

The role of the man is to provide a degree of safety for his lady to be fully herself. Free from heckling from others. A gentleman will stand up for her morality. Protect her from attackers. Defend her honor and name. And will make sure his time in her life will only leave her a better woman.

In this modern era, that is really hard to find. And many women have taken this kindness for weakness and proceeded to hurt the very men trying to protect them.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that women and men not only must coexist, but need to work together to keep each other operating at their best.

Let’s stop asking women to apologize for being sexy. Let’s stop making it dangerous for women to be sexy. Let us support our women in being themselves, only then can they fully support us being ourselves.

After all, men will be men… following the honor code of gentlemanliness. And women will be women, multipliers of the love and care given to them by their men, society, family, community. Men add, women multiply.

When a woman and a man comes together, they will ignite a dominant force of good and force of creation. A kingdom (or queendom if you prefer) will rise and create space for the next generation of honorable men and women.

Leave the boys to play with boys and the girls to play with girls. Protect them in their play. Guide them in their play. Lead them in their play, for through play they eventually learn the rules of life and what will be acceptable as adults.

And once of adult age, mentor them through the adjustment period until they’re able to take care of themselves and the ones they love. No one should have to apologize for being sexy. No one should apologize for being great. No one should apologize for being the best version of themselves they can be.

p.s. to all the women who march to their own beat and are very sexy doing so, keep on doing as you do. To all those who envy them, stop… do you…  unapologetically. To all the men who cherish these beautiful intelligent sexy ladies, bless you for having found diamonds and treasures. And also, encourage others to find their light while you’re enjoying yours. key note…if you’re doing wrong, by all means, apologize, change course, do better

This post was inspired by a story from a contributor of photos for this blog. In her honor, on the next page will be a tribute story… short work of fiction.. Enjoy

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