As a man, there are certain needs only my lady can meet. It can be super frustrating when she just won't help me out with those needs. So, how do you compromise? Worse, what happens when you're too tired with fatigue to think straight to negotiate right? Today, we look at one way romance is often challenged and ruined by fatigue.

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Irrational Logics

there's at least three different ways to look at one event and come with many differing conclusions. He isn't always right and she's not always either. How can two different people see the same event so differently? Find out inside the blog post...

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Unapologetically Sexy

When you're doing something right, there will be haters who don't like it. Never apologize for doing something with confidence when what you're doing is right. Especially when it comes to being yourself and honoring your gifts. Even if it means dressing sexy....

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Respect for Women: What of my feelings…?

It is correct, men have to respect women. However true, there is a complication....feelings. Guys have feelings that aren't always respectful in nature. Is there really a solution? Can respect and feelings coexist? One tiny sliver of a look at the huge topic of respect for women. Respect and feelings do coexist...

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