The Habit of Building Romance

Before anyone says it’s hard work… keep in mind, you enjoyed that work when you were chasing her. Make it fun to keep wooing her. Make it challenging and rewarding. Make it good. It will feel worth it to you and she will definitely appreciate it. And if she’s smart, she will return the favor. Win-win.

ladies… you’re not off the hook here either. You’ve got to put in your own work to have your man feel needed, wanted, and appreciated too. Just because we’re focusing on the fellas does not mean we won’t come back and focus on you later

Motivation Monday

What will you do this week to spice up your romance? What will you do this week to move your romantic smarts up a level? What tools will you use to step up your romantic game?

Romance can happen. But a romance made on purpose… that one will last a whole lot longer and pay out a whole lot more in return.

This is by no means the most complete and thorough look at building romantic habits. This is just the start of what hopefully will be a nice running segment of the site. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I read them all. I try to respond to them all. And if this is your first time leaving a comment, it will show up after I see it and reply to it. (just the way the blog is setup)

Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas of romance and how you’ll make it a great week on purpose. Until next time, keep your romance hot on purpose!

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