Social Shorts

Planning romantic words is an art. One that can be learned and mastered. In order to improve, one has to put work, learn, adjust, listen, and try again. Much like romance, that is the case with writing about love and romance. One isn’t born knowing how to be great at this, one evolves.

Social Shorts

In order to keep improving, a new segment is being added to the blog. A collection of intentionally crafted words that will help this writer improve while inspiring the reader to apply more thought to their romance… so the initial plan is.

This page, ideally bookmarked, is a central place for these blog posts to be linked to. Through the powers of the web, the links at the end of this post will self-update whenever new musings of a romantic nature is added to the blog.

As always, thank you for liking, sharing, supporting, and commenting. It encourages the creative process and informs some direction of experimentation. Ideally, these will inspire someone to put a little more effort in nurturing their romance.

It’s the Collection

Unlike some post that are just copy and paste from social media, these rosy words start here and spill over onto social media to delight everyone. Musical notes of perspectives floating about love.

Until next time… keep expanding your perspectives and love the sweetness of love

  • To Be Complete… in love - We often assume that love will fix things... love will complete us... love is a magic solution. Sorry. It is not. It takes work to become complete so you can completely enjoy love Inspired words from a post by Teekay of Fashion Pastry launching this blog post
  • Reflections on Reflection - It is easy to feel badly about ourselves when comparing our life to other's highlight reel. Social media is such a highlight reel. So long as you are better today than you were yesterday.. you're winning


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