To Be Complete… in love

Inspiration for this post… helped by… Teekay

This post was on my mind for a few days. I was searching for the right combination of words to get the thoughts on paper. When I was ready to give up and move on to other writing projects, Teekay shared a series of posts on her Instagram that solidified the need to write the piece you’ve been reading.

She’s one powerful and amazing woman on a journey to make her dreams come true while inspiring others to do the same. She strongly believes the world is a better place when women are empowered. And she’s right too.

As she continues to share her life lessons as well as photo journeys, she continues to inspire ever larger groups of people who understand the value in becoming better each and every day.

Below the following image will be the inspirational quote that Teekay shared that helped me finalize my thoughts into a blog post. Thank you Teekay! Her site lives at Fashion Pastry.

Advice From Teekay of Fashion Pastry

The following is the musings of Teekay to women who follow her blog and social media. Taking the time to share this with you as it holds a lot of perspectives worth considering. If you love what she shared, feel free to comment politely on her social media… (or leave a comment here for her to read as well)

without further commentary

Lesson in self love, growth, and the relationships we forge with others.

Insecure women crave the attention of men and compete with women they either want to impress or outplay. Accomplished women command respect from both.

Insecure women constantly need to be admired and uplifted by many. Confident women only want to be valued and adored by one.

“She” whom you chose to pursue is a reflection of the woman you will ultimately become. Choose her wisely

Final Thought

To be complete… in love… one must be complete within oneself. Anything less is robbing everyone of a complete experience.

When one is complete, then, one can completely appreciate the bounties found in love. One can share fully in the nuances of love and influence others positively about love.

Be complete. Be you. Love yourself. That way you can best love others in an appropriate fashion.


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2 thoughts on “To Be Complete… in love

Add yours

  1. Aye! Bows down! Claps! Does summer saults, flipback, prints in A5 and frames to put on wall!!
    This article was everything!!
    Thank you for pouring your knowledge and experience of relationships in this perfectly articulated way.
    Another master piece.
    Waiting for the book!
    Teekay XX


    1. Awww! Thanks!

      Really appreciate this!

      When the book drops, I will definitely let you know…early

      Thank you very much!

      (For those who haven’t checked out Teekay’s blog….you gotta)


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