Funny How Love Goes

It’s not a laughing matter… no… it’s just real
Love grows, as it pleases

Funny how love goes
Ups and downs

No set rhythm or rhyme
It only settles down if you do

Funny how it grows as it goes
If love is fed and caressed

Funny how time flies
When you’re having fun with the one you love

Yet, time stands still
When you’re with the soul you’re meant to be with

Funny how love goes
It just flows when you treat it so

To embark on this road
Is to say no to a lot of other flows

The reward is in how it goes
To see love as it grows

From eager beginnings
To humble second innings

Love has a funny way of changing
But always growing and balancing

The balance of a trio
You, me, us… as heroes

When love is real
It’s no laughing matter that it heals

Spare your heart unnecessary bleeds
By taking care of the one you need

For in all of it’s glory
Funny how love is in no hurry

For it walks with Karma
Just skip the drama

Funny how love goes
When you feed it and let it grow

love goes 1

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