Team Work

Team Work

Life can be a grind. A hustle. A push with excessive drive. We’re told to keep up or get left behind. With no end in sight, we try to climb and find happiness at the top of some corporate ladder. Nothing really secured, but we must endure.

To have to toil and work each day without someone to lean on or feel appreciated, it’s enough to drive anyone nuts. Who’s in your corner when friends and co-workers retreat to their own corners? Who’s with you when you’re unable to mumble what’s wrong with you?

Team work is what makes the dream work. When two or more are gathered in one name, to life up a purpose, without being vain. Just to the two of us, as a team, bringing a network of teams around a common theme, the success of our romance.

The value in your network increases the potential in my network. My net-worth adds to the quality of your network, because it’s all for the same team.

Too many, consumed by negativity, will seek to devour that which is not theirs, in the name of love and relationships. Beware of those who seek to ravage than to add valued. Your heart is not a commodity to be traded. Mine is sacred just like yours.

Let’s pull ourselves together, build up our fortress. After all, your love is richness to my soul. Makes me aspire to enrich yours, to the best of my ability, provided you’re willing to accept, or course.

That’s the beauty of the love we have. We seek to lift each other up. Be the peace we need. Provide the resources we desire. And bless each other with positivity and prayerful thoughts.

I pray for you. You pray for me. This makes us one happy combination… a family.

When I’m weak, you’re strong. When I’m strong, you rejoice that I can provide support. In this team, there is no room for egos and self-centered prioritization. The team wins so that we each win. If you lose, then I lose. The team has to regroup and recover from the loss.

I’m so glad you accepted me on your team, as I really wanted you on my team. Now, together, we can face the world. Push through the grind. Handle the tussle and beat the hustle.

To rush home, to be in your arms, to find solace in your smile. That’s the new goal. The new ambition. The experience that makes the daily not so bad.

Those moments when we can climb on the couch and just be. Delightfully happy. Knowing we have each other’s back. We care for each other. It’s the safety of our company that makes us a team.

Some call it division of labor. But we know better. It’s the additive property of two loving hearts multiplying resources to lighten the load. It’s no longer one burden. It’s our burden to distribute until it is no more.

That’s why I’m so glad you’re by my side. Equal. Capable. Just as agile. Working with me instead of against me. Not lagging behind me. Nor dragging me while you zip ahead. We work side by side, as a team, equally yoked. Magnificently united.

Team work is really making the dream work.

The miracle by which the two has become one. More powerful than the sum of two. The combined one feeds us both as we feed it our best. It protects us more vigilantly than we protect it. It works for the team to keep us working together as a team.

Relationship, the most intimate of teams one can imagine. Powerful enough to create life. Powerful enough to save a soul. Love has the best perspective. Never blind. Accepting. Not judging. Encouraging. Supporting. Loving.

Life in the fast lane alone can be done. But it’s not nearly as much fun without the co-pilot that you are. Who would look out for the blind-spots if the other is too busy looking ahead? Who’d take over when the other needs a break?

It is really a beautiful thing to have you on my team. Because I love being on your team. More over, when I’m with you, it doesn’t feel like work, to be on your team as you’re on mine. It’s sensually fabulous, our unity.

In this life, when things are great, to see you smile contently, is the investment that keeps us moving when times get hard. Knowing that team work is making the dream work. Ultimately leading to paradise on earth, because you’re by my side as I stand by yours.

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