Poetry 2018

The year of 2018 saw a renewed interest in discovering what poetry did and how it worked. Some of the early testing in poetry found themselves locked away in the trash bin.

However, this didn’t stop the efforts from continuing. The year is poised to finish with a few pieces of poetry finally making their way onto the blog.

Poetry 2018

The pace and cadence of poetry is quite different from writing a story, of course. With feedback from amazing people on social media who are skilled in the arts, poetry has started to be less of a mystery.

Below, at the end of this piece, will be a list of all the poetic efforts made throughout the course of this year. The stage is now set to have a few new poems grace the perspective of love on the blog in the coming year.

It’s more than red roses

The exciting part of this journey… telling a story through poetry. That, while it won’t sell many books on Amazon, is a challenge that will expand the writing skills and touch many new perspectives.

That’s the hope. To skip the blues and stick with the de-thorned roses. And other word plays.

Without further introductions, here is the current list of poems written in 2018


  1. The Jingle of Keys - Random musings in poetic prose.... Women are strong. Some don't need a man. But others chose to be with a man. Strength recognizes strength. Only he who is worthy... can play the keys and make them jingle his tune
  2. The Repose - When we push ourselves without regards to rest, we create a lot of damages to ourselves and those around us. Take a little time to rest every now and again
  3. Funny How Love Goes - A little poetic look at the way love moves through seasons, hearts, and paces. A little walk through the paces of #love The highs and lows Karma's drama So long as you #feed your #love it will grow #poetry #romance #life on the blog
  4. All Things Nice - Romantic look at the appreciation of a lover... poetically A man serenades his lady
  5. Random Text - Sometimes, all it takes is a well placed random text message to make the day bright for a lover Romance fueled by tech isn't always a bad thing


For a growing list of annual poems… listing the home pages below.


Poetry 2017

The humble beginnings of poetry on the site in 2017

table of content styled post

Poetry 2018

A collection of a few poems attempted during 2018

listed like a table of contents posts

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