Poetry 2017

The typical early day poem went something like this:

Roses are red. Violets are blue. With lips so red, one can’t feel blue

Of course, even for the type of poem, this is not the most impressive display of poetic force. This is why this little practice of writing ideas and thoughts in poetry came to life on this blog. If one is to give their significant other a lovely hand written piece of poetry, it had better be nice.

Well, dear reader, this is where practice makes perfect. This is the place where various types of romantic poetry gets tried and tested. It is one of the many perspectives of love.

The collection of poems will be linked below as the collection grows. It’s the hope that enough poems get written to have a printable collection spanning the years of the blog. But let’s not get carried away with unrealized aspirations.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Below will be the first step that leads to… wherever it was intended to lead.

Poetry 2017

Enjoy the various poems offered from the blog collected on this one page for binge reading. Click on the image or title to be taken to the full poem. Thanks for visiting… and clicking like.

  1. First of all… I try… - Sometimes, trying is not enough. Other times... it's the wrong type of trying. When love seems to be excessive amounts of work.. maybe something is lost in translation. On the blog today, looking at how to get the best for the efforts given... work smarter... not harder
  2. The Promise - A quick poetic look at a wedding vow The promise of delivering love throughout life

For the growing annual collection efforts… listed below… enjoy watching the journey in the art or writing poetry

Poetry 2017

The humble beginnings of poetry on the site in 2017

table of content styled post

Poetry 2018

A collection of a few poems attempted during 2018

listed like a table of contents posts

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