The Dealt Hand

We find love when and where it finds us. Some have it easier than others. However, the success of love depends on how you pay the hand you're dealt Too many people give up early... and some stay too long... but are you playing so love can win?

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A Case of Boundaries

All relationships are complex evolving negotiations. Boundaries help keep things smooth. Keep love fresh by keeping sour influences out of it... with well designed boundaries.

New Season of Love

Just because Old Man Winter didn't get the memo about Spring doesn't mean one can't reset and refresh one's love's perspective. It is the season to revamp goals and love... because Spring is in the air!

Growth vs Change Approach

When the timing for marriage brought up 'stress' between Tammy and Scott... they knew they had to change their approach. Change is inevitable. One can hope and pray... or one can grow and adapt to change. Happy Monday

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