Relational Levels of Awareness

Who sets the temperature of the thermostat? Are they aware of how others in the house feel about their choice? The degree of awareness a person has will greatly influence how well they relate with others. Trust what people show holds the key to who they are and how aware they are. Openmindedness is good

Trust as a Guide

Relationships are built on trust. We value trustworthy people. How about our own inner trust game, can we trust it? A strong inner trust game leads to stronger better relationships and more Happy Monday - Motivation based on a quote

Slowly Raise the Bar

Complacency ruins romance. The only way to keep love alive and well... raise the bar of your romance game every week, every month, every year. Do better. Surround yourself with positive folks. Then... make your romance great on purpose

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The Fabulous Circle

Everyone is influenced by someone. This included relationships. They're influenced by others as well. what's in your average? Who does your relationship spend the most time with.. and what's the influence?

Partnership – I win because you win

Sure, it takes two to tango. However, most do not fully understand what that means. Working together to make a relationship work involves keeping the gossipers out... Plus it means practicing a lot before making dreams and goals come true. Then, the tango will work beautifully and amaze everyone. You win by making sure your partner wins

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The Habit of Building Romance

It may take two to tango, but each person has to have the purpose of tangoing. Relationships require both purpose/goals and habits/routines of success. But, this does not take away from originality, art, science, and spontaneous acts. The habit of building romance is the foundation...

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