Introducing Love Notes

Introducing Love Notes

Playing with small romantic notes

Every now and again, a good idea strikes and makes it on the blog only to be shuffled down the order of posts and forgotten. However, these love perspectives are worth keeping in mind and sharing with others often.

Solution? Create a segment on the blog that showcases these ideas. The portfolio area will have snippets and stand alone segments that will show off the best of the blog. Curated posts, stories, ideas, and even behind the scenes of some of the stories.

In due time, there will be a good size repertoire of the various perspectives of love stashed away for readers to enjoy. In the meantime, take a moment to jot a quick note of appreciation to the people you love. A quick text message, a quick email, handwritten note, or even a call. Let them know that they’re on your mind. Even if at times they may not deserve to be, but you love them anyway.

Feel Free to Share Your Notes 🙂

Share your ideas here on the blog, in the comment sections, or on social media. Also, feel free to share any of the blog posts you enjoy.

A like never hurts either 😉



Editorial Note: This basic introduction page was edited with the links/information below. All new projects will appear below going forward… once created. This update comes late 2018 as part of a site audit.


Love’s Mused Perspective

The home page of all the various mused projects on the blog. A directory of the various projects as they arrive to the blog

Love of Poetry

The home of poetry on the blog. Working on exploring poetry and various of perspectives through poems

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