Love’s Mused Perspective

There are sets of thoughts that flows in a near poetic way but make it to the paper as a short blog post. The kind that could be expanded into a larger more in-depth post. However, stays short and sweet.

Those kinds of musings have been peppering the blog here and there and may just increase in quantity and quality over time.

This page proposes to be the home of such thoughts.

Love’ Mused Perspective

Some may call it an editorial. Others just a brain-dump. Some, still, find it as refreshing musings. This blog likes the last description.

The periodic processing of thoughts around romance collected into a body of work to use as a barometer of the progress of this writing journey.

It’s not much. Just a little teasing of thoughts. Going with the flow of ideas that ramble through the mind.


Below will be a list of all the portfolio pages that host the various musings that took place over the years. The lists will be updated regularly… and by regularly… annually. But don’t be alarmed. The annual updates does not mean the monthly or weekly contributions of musings will not get updated.

Quite the opposite. Whenever the mood strikes, and a set of thoughts drop, the site will automatically update the links below. Period.

The overarching aggregation will only appear to be updated on an annual basis because the groupings seem to lend themselves best to be organized by yearly thoughts.

Being these are musings, should the groupings need changing, they will. It’s just a matter of classification.

For now… below… will be the compilation of musings that have graced the blog. Room, of course, will be set for all future musings to appear in the respective category. So, bookmark this page if you’d like. Or… just follow the blog for all updates in real time.

Musings 2017

A few mused reflections on love in 2017 gathered as a table of content style post

Musing 2018

A collection of mused thoughts on love and it’s perspectives during 2018


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