Love of Poetry

Many have started a journey
Touting the adventures of poetry
Through the means of Red Roses
Colored by Blue Violets
Sometimes seeming a bit coquette

The incentive, always the blush
Words used to paint like a brush
Often, capturing the passions in a hush
When taking time to savor love instead of being in a rush
The higher levels of artistic sharing being the must

Love of Poetry

To regal the soul in festivals of words
Transcending the conveniences of mere musings
Poetry seems perfect for love and romance
Touching on many perspectives smoothly in many instances

Poetic Love

This is the home of all the various efforts to connecting with readers on a poetic level. Plus, this is a wonderful excuse to try something different as a writer.

Who knows, maybe, one day, a collection could be written. Or, the right kinds of moods captured in a way to make my lady blush. Or, inspire someone to put more effort into their own romance.

Doesn’t really matter. In the end, this is a bit of fun trying out yet another perspective behind the concept of love.

Below will be listed the various poetic efforts, projects, and perspectives for you to enjoy. Feel free to bookmark this page as well as share with any who might enjoy the content.

As with most links on this blog, just click on the image or title to enjoy all of the contents within. These links below will be various groupings of poetry that lives on the blog. Check back periodically, as more will grace these pages over time.

Poetry 2017

The humble beginnings of poetry on the site in 2017

table of content styled post

Poetry 2018

A collection of a few poems attempted during 2018

listed like a table of contents posts


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