Feminism Changed Our Marriage Trilogy

Dorothy wanted more out of her marriage. It was a safe and fun loving relationship. However, with the changes in her career, Dorothy wanted to translate some of her knowledge to her home. If only to improve things, understanding her voice and power grew as more friends explained to her the virtues of being a feminist.

Initially, Albert didn’t think much of these changes. He wanted his wife to feel empowered. He wanted her to prosper and bloom. Happily, Albert supported his wife’s efforts to gain self-actualization.

However, there was a bit of a snag. The dynamics of their relationship changed more than expected. Dorothy felt better than she’d ever felt and used her social reach to help other women find their voice and power. Momentum built.

To the outside, their relationship was becoming the ideal model of modernization. Equals in all levels. But inside, something had gone wrong. A secret started to grow. Little did either know that this secret would one day surface and challenge the very gains feminism had brought to their lives.

There are a few topics that make some feel cautious. This is one of those topics. The very title itself seems to push the comfort levels of a conversation.

Fortunately, this is not one of those sites that will push the envelop to make most readers super uncomfortable. Change is real and inevitable. Might as well have a conversation about it.

Feminism Changed Our Marriage

This is a completely fictional account of two people who are facing a few adjustments. It’s the customary normal required changes as a couple gets busy with balancing life and career.

First order of business, around such a powerful word, this story is not going to fully define the word/concept. The story, told in a trilogy form, will touch lightly on the concept… and offer just a perspective for your entertainment.

In short, the site takes the perspective that all humans are created equal and just express themselves differently. Gender roles are constantly changing and responding to economic and social realities. This site supports change that is intelligent and mutually beneficial.

How one goes about reaching their ideal balance is up to the individual couples. If anyone needs help, they should seek out qualified help, not just a blog post. Of note, this blog is not offering advice through this story.

The Trilogy

Dorothy and Albert are in the midst of negotiating a few changes in their relationship. Their goal is to improve the balance of things so that they can move forward in happiness. How they go about these changes and what comes of it hopefully is what will make the read interesting.

The conversation between Dorothy and Albert get so heated that they decide to enlist the help of a professional to triage fact from fiction. Learning how to process their feelings, expectations, desires, and plans helped them realize that they’re not working against each other. Teaming together and finding what works best for them is more important than listening to trends from the past.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the story. Below, the table of content. Just click on the image or title to be directed to the full content. Again, thanks for sharing and clicking like on each chapter.


  1. Feminism Changed our Marriage – intro - Intro - When gender roles get challenged along the career path, some strange things start to happen in Dorothy's and Albert's life Will their relationship survive the changes? Trilogy coming...
  2. Feminism Changed Our Marriage 1/3 - Part 1 - Trilogy Dorothy discovers, through friends, that she's not leading her family as strongly as she should. Feminism isn't such a bad word. Seizing her power, she ramps things up. All is well until she discovers some dark secret that Albert has been hiding. Trouble falls on paradise
  3. Feminism Changed Our Marriage 2/3 - Part - 2 Albert tried his best to make Dorothy happy. All seemed well. However, over time, Albert realized how much control he had given up. Worse, he was being wiped out of the home he thought he was co-leading Friends were helping his wife remove him from his own marriage. Then, one day, Dorothy discovered his secret. Now the marriage was in jeopardy
  4. Feminism Changed Our Marriage 3/3 - Part - 3 Negotiating changes in gender roles is one thing. Change in culture and purpose compounds the challenges Dorothy and Albert now confront this big secret with the help of a therapist. Will the marriage survive? Can a new balance be found without Dorothy feeling a loss of power? Or Albert feeling less of a man?


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