Just Ask Already! Her Side

Lost Time

When Rex dropped the most creative and amazing approach to ask her out to the company party, Betsy was totally taken off-guard. Her mind had been so focused on trying to understand Connor’s mood that she didn’t see the floral preparations being set close to her desk.

So lost was Betsy, she started to formulate how she would ask Connor out. At least, if she got the ball rolling, maybe, just maybe, things would work out. It was quite possible that his super confidence at work was limited to just work and play. Connor had never mentioned dating anyone ever. Maybe he was shy.

Rex had messed things up. His timing was perfect for his interests, but the absolute worse for Betsy. When she looked over to figure out why she smelled all these amazing flowers, all her favorites, she saw her name spelled out on the counter with a colorful sign asking her to the party.

In shock, she choked.

Rex took that moment as nod of yes.

Rex moved in, swept her out of her chair, lifted her up very high over his shoulders, and spun her around like a prize. The most awkward and embarrassing moment of her career. How dare he think he can lay his hands on her like that?

At least, to his credit, Rex had been skilled enough to tug at the hem of her sweater dress so she not be exposed while being showcased over his shoulder like a helpless trophy.

As her anger and embarrassment turned her face deep shades of red and purple, Betsy’s heart exploded in worry and pain as she saw the last of Connor slip swiftly out of the office through the emergency exit.

Based on the amount of clapping, cheering, and whistling, it was clear that Rex had set this up to make it look like a proposal for the sole purpose of getting rid of his only competition, Connor.

There as nothing she could do about the situation. Betsy watched, perched up in the air, as her dream man vanished. Rex would seriously pay for this once she figured how to get back down on the ground from his massive vise grip.

Eventually, Stars Align

Betsy held on to hopes that she’d get a chance to talk to Connor. As much as she knew she cared for him already, that office moment made her aware just how much she really cared for him. There was not much she felt she could do.

Asking him out would not be too tough, it’s not like Betsy didn’t have the courage or was so traditional that she’d not ask a man out. It was that she didn’t see Connor again for weeks and weeks.

The man had simply vanished. No word from anyone explaining what happened. His desk never was touched by anyone. His computer had not been powered down or touched either. It stayed in sleep mode. Management offered no insight at all.

Everyone speculated all kinds of theories. Few thought that it was because of the joke of the day and the humorous faux proposal that got the better of Connor. Maybe an urgent client call that had him on the road. The work was getting done, just not in the office.

Rex did eventually apologize. His explanations was simple and plausible. He had expressed concern that if he didn’t go big in asking Betsy to the office party, she would never give him the time of day. Being that he noticed Connor had not made a move, the coast had to be clear.

Rex did say that the worry was that there was a secret relationship going on. But Connor never seemed to open up about that in any way to indicate there was something. So, after two years of waiting, Rex made his big move.

At the request of many of the women at work, Betsy eventually agreed to show up to the office party alone. Their argument was hard to counter. What if Connor showed up alone too? Maybe, just maybe, there might be a second chance at love. There was no point being cute about it, everyone could tell by the change in mood at work that Betsy was mourning the loss of opportunity with Connor.

<the story continues with Mr. Braum>

Editorial Note: Adding a list of the chapters via a more modern approach. Just click on the image or title to read more of the chapters you’ve yet to read. Updated September 2018. After the list of chapters will eventually be a link to the portfolio table of contents. That particular page will eventually hold any new updates and chapters to this story… should there be more.

  1. Just Ask Already! Prelude - There are office party traditions that make sense and others that just don't. Navigating about the holiday spirit and cheer is one thing, complicating it with the feelings of love is quite another. Will our story hero find love or just be the laughing stock of the holidays?
  2. Just Ask Already! His Side - A person can spend a lot of time thinking about what could have, should have, would have, might have... Connor knew only one thing, his heart ached to be with Betsy. Yet, far as he could tell, she wanted nothing to do with him. Could he be right? Could he be overthinking things? Could he be missing some facts? Holidays are the worst times to be so lovelorn and alone... if only some clarity could be found...
  3. Just Ask Already! Her Side - Why must men make things so difficult. All they have to do is just ask... and accept whatever answer they get. NO.. Men just love making things difficult. A woman can only do so much to drop a hint. Maybe, just maybe, taking the ball into her own court might do the trick. Men! Just Ask Already!!!
  4. Just Ask Already! Mr. Braum - When a good best friend could do, sometimes a 'higher' power is needed. There are people who want you to succeed, but you're not always aware of them. Those folks can offer that nice swift hard kick in the pants a best friend may not... just to get you moving towards love. Especially during the crazy times of the holiday season
  5. Just Ask Already! The Party - That moment of truth... the music is just right, the stars are all aligned... the girl is looking into your eyes.... and you look... away?!?! Seriously though? Now you look away? NO! Just Ask Her Already! Some fellas just don't seem to get it. How many more flares need to explode? He's gonna get the girl, right?
  6. Just Ask Already! Conclusion? - Sometimes, just sometimes, you get lucky and question your good fortune. You've got the gal. You've got the relationship. Yet, you're not sure how you got so lucky This.. this is where a gentle post-got-lucky-debrief is not overkill. That is if you've got the right friends helping you out. Just don't overthink too much.
  7. Just Ask Already! Epilogue - He finally asked!!!! This is the part where a Hollywood ending would be perfect. Yet, there are a few loose ends the reader will be left to handle Things change once the question is asked and the answer is to the affirmative Now it's time to celebrate

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