Just Ask Already! Conclusion?

<At the very beginning, the Prelude gave rise to His Side and Her Side of the story. Mr. Braum set up the party nicely>

Conclusion: Don’t Assume. Speak Up, Politely of course

Connor could not believe his ongoing fortune. Despite leaving the office party pretty quickly after his chat with Betsy, she had grown very soft towards him and seemed to send messages his way. He had not messed things up for that dreaded hat trick.

Betsy was giving Connor a bit of space. He had spoken from his heart after the dance. Thankfully, he had stayed close to her for three more songs, holding her tightly, moving gracefully, letting chemistry do the talking.

Now, as the office was moving their attention away from them, maybe, Connor would speak up and address the seven hundred pound giant in the room. There was no way on earth he couldn’t be aware of all that electricity between them.

Connor was now in the office a few hours a day trying to make sense of the climate about the team. Rex had predictably turned his attention elsewhere and was already chasing some poor unsuspecting lady in the building. The gossipers were at a loss to translate the electricity into meaningful speculations.

This Connor liked. No one knew what was going to happen next.

The only person who seemed to know was Connor. Just like he was the only person who knew that Mr. Braum had asked the DJ to switch the tracks and dim the lights. The unspoken agreement had been sealed with a nod.

As Sabine prepared herself to head out for lunch, one fine cold blustery day, she looked across to Betsy to see how she was doing. While no one had heard her thoughts on the matter, her leaving the flowers intact gave much mixed signals to the speculators of the office. Was she going with Rex privately or was that dance with Connor indicative of what everyone hoped would happen.

Whatever was going on with those two, Sabine wanted to have her own conversation with Connor. She wanted to make sure he was not slipping back and pedaling himself out of a rewarding relationship, not that it was her business at all.

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