Just Ask Already! Conclusion?

The Elevator Pitch

As Sabine waited for the elevator to arrive, she felt a familiar presence come up to her from off one side and behind her. It was Connor. The man had a gift for arriving at the office when people least expected. His new routine post Rex’s invitation left many unsure of his comings and goings.

She turned towards Connor trying to get a read on him as the elevator doors opened. They both walked in silently. She couldn’t tell anything about his emotional makeup. This man was different now. His movements were even more sure than before. But now there was some bit of power in his steps that she couldn’t put her fingers on.

Connor reached over to the “Stop” button and pushed it in. Unlike most elevators that sounded an alarm and called the help desk when such a thing was done, this one just stopped. There was another help/panic button that did all the aforementioned things to get you help. This allowed many people to have private unrecorded and unobserved conversations.

Connor had a few questions he needed to figure out and this was the best chance to get answers. Clarity was good, but affirmation was better.

“Some time ago, at the office party, you mentioned I didn’t know how good a friend I had in you. What, pray tell, am I missing?”

Sabine smiled a beaming smile. They were about to have that conversation. A much needed one, but not an urgent one. She’d finally get to lay all her cards on the table and clear up any frustration she had with Connor.

“You’re a good man who doesn’t how to read women well. Betsy and I think very highly of you but are tired of getting slighted by you socially”

Blinking fast and hard, Connor was lost.



“Come again?”

Sabine’s smile changed while still being a smile. Connor was trying to sort this out as quickly as he could. This was very similar to what Betsy had told him after their dance. Something about he was the one who was elusive and hard to read. As if he was too busy for women’s trivialities and sentiments. All was so far from his truth.

“I thought you didn’t like me too much” Connor responded. It was just those two ladies who made him confused more than anything else. They were impossible to read and sort out. They both were extremely cool and wonderful people he’d love to keep as friends for life. But couldn’t read them to save his life.

To his bewilderment, Sabine stepped up quite close to him and let her eyes probe deep into his mind. While there was no sexual tension between them, Connor felt nervous that he was cheating on Betsy by standing so close to Sabine. Not that he was in a relationship with Betsy.

This was hurting his head. Too many feelings. Too many thoughts. Too many questions. Too many social dynamics beyond his comprehension. Was this how male female best friendships started?

“There are friends that stick closer than a sister, in case you’re not aware”

“I’d like to explore that, but I have no idea how”

Sabine backed up and gave Connor his space. There was no smile on her face but her eyes told a different story. There was clearly a breakthrough. An understanding. Peace. A certain knowing. Connor’s admission was all she needed. They would cross that mantle of friendship in due time, now that they both were on the same page.

“Just like you did on the dance floor, follow your heart and open your mouth to communicate. That’s all. Don’t assume. Ask”

As those words started to sink in, Sabine pressed the “Stop” button to get the elevator going again. There was much to be talked about during lunch. Much progress to be made. She wanted to help this man complete his move he initiated with Betsy. After all, that’s what friends do.

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