Just Ask Already! Epilogue

<This Journey began with a Prelude that moved from His Side of things to Her Side.  Mr Braum played a role in The Party that nearly Concluded early. Now, to try and wrap it all up with a bow for Christmas Day>


Rex Reflects

Rex sat at his desk contemplating his work. It was total art. Just fine majestic art. The code for the software was perfect. It’s not often he could say it was so good and actually was that good.

Nevertheless, that victory felt a bit shallow. Things were a bit different this particular year. The traditions of the holidays had an air of uncertainty to it that tugged too close to annoyance.

Years back, Rex had made a pact with a now former employee to take every single lady in the office out on one date during the holiday season. That started the date setting tradition in the office.

With all the success, there were two major failures Rex couldn’t explain away. The ever so sensual beautifully gracious Betsy was out of his reach. And from the looks of it, Connor had something to do with that.

Sabine was a little older than the majority of the women in the office. Still not yet at her peak prime age, she was a dream to behold. Rex couldn’t get her to budge or entertain any of his moves.

When Rex found out how upset Betsy was at his fake proposal, he sent a video apology to clear the air out. This was the only true hint that he had about Connor’s hold on Betsy, as neither ever acknowledged any feelings towards each other after the dance. Maybe Connor wasn’t good at asking or something, but whatever.

What did she see in Connor though eluded him. Not that Connor was not a great catch. No. It was that Connor had no idea that he was a great catch himself and never made a move.

Rex, exhaling deeply, concluded that it was fate that had set those two together. After all, Betsy was the ultimate catch in any guy’s book. Yet, she had no idea just how hot she was. Not just physically either.

Didn’t matter too much. This year, Rex was thinking of laying low and not carrying on his usual over the top date getting ways. It might be time to settle down a little and work on an actual relationship free of gamesmanship.

All the show stopping maneuvers took a lot of time and effort to plan with only a singular date to show for it. Not that many women didn’t think they had a shot at sweeping him into their beds. No, as much as he played the bad boy at the office, Rex felt it was not proper form to have a one night stand with anyone at the office, or anyone for that matter. The heart was too sensitive a thing to mess with like that. Especially when you’re as delicious as he was.

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