Respect for Women: What of my feelings…?

Having a moment into feelings sparked by a social media conversation, many ideas floated about. The topic of respect of women is broad, huge, controversial, unresolved, and challenging. However, the solutions, as complex as they are, do have simple roots and origins.

Below, the topic will unfold as it did in the mind that created it while under the influence of the aforementioned conversation. It is not a reflection of the values held nor a guide of values to hold. Many resemblance to facts will be found in this fictional ramblings and musing. This is shared for entertainment purposes.

By reading below, you’re agreeing to have your mind entertain the meaning of respect of women in contrast to how some guys feel about women. Should you prefer not to entertain such thoughts, do skip on to other posts on this blog.

Now that the mood has been made serious, enjoy the musings of a mind sorting out questions in the search of a blog post to write and share at some future date.

We Say…Respect for women

We say respect women and value them as people Yet we treat them like objects to own and push about

We say respect their character and brains Yet on the alter of skinny we slay their worth

We say respect women for they are givers of life Yet we take their lives for granted and waste it on vain pursuits

We say respect women Yet we’re taught to follow our hormonal instincts

I’m no poet, just a few ideas on the mind

I live in a society that values big breasts. Let’s just be real here. Not all societies on this planet shares our values, but that is the reality in which I live. The bigger the breasts, the more popular the woman.

So, what of the guys who just aren’t wired that way? The ones who find big breast nice, but that’s all it is; nice. I prefer C cups myself, and there in lies the problem. I was raised to understand a woman’s mind. Yet, the society taught me to judge by cup size. I can spot em and call em pretty accurately. Yet, while I do prefer a C cup, my mom taught me to ignore that when finding a queen… I married DD as a compromise.

In love with the mind and not bothered by the size of a cup, the problem doesn’t go away. TV has you believing that without the right measure of a cup, a woman is less than a woman. The surgical augmentation industry is profiting at record levels as men gift their girlfriends, wives, daughters, and/or side chics the gift of larger cups.

What happened to all the brains they have that could make massive change in society? Sacrificed on the alter of body alteration and figure shaming is where those minds have gone.

This same society obsessed with big breasts has once worshiped mile long legs. I don’t know about you, but my car can’t accommodate such length, but yet, we’re told she must have them long. While I prefer shorter five foot two inch variety legs, we make women feel horrible if they do have mile long legs. We cat call them. We make them feel like worthless disposable pieces of meat that we chew on until they’re as skinny as bones. And that’s when we throw them out, after she hurt herself to get skinny enough.

Oh, let’s not forget that tall women aren’t supposed to wear heels, and in the magazines they only wear stratospheric heels even on the beach to play volleyball in outfits that had to be glued on, for there isn’t enough fabric to hold the H cup breasts on display.

Trends are changing again, as we say to respect women

Today, things have gotten worse. The society realized they left a bunch of men behind… the ones who actually prefer a rounded tush on their women. So, the capitalist engine, looking to make more money, tells women that they have to pack as much junk in the trunk, and only the trunk, less the belly matches and they’re discarded.

We say respect our women, but we change them and fix them as if they had no say or ownership into their most sacred of assets, their own self.

We tell them what to wear.

What to eat.

How to stand.

When to stand.

Where to be.

What hair to sport.

We’re so good at it, we tell them it’s their fault they aren’t valued as pretty because they didn’t follow instructions. We punish the crap out of their smarts and then divorce them when they don’t have any smarts to bail us out of our own mess.

if these words haven’t put you off, it continues on the next page

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