A Dying Art

For those left behind

As the transition continues at an alarming fast rate, there is the solace of the internet. The one place where folks curate the ideal photos they enjoy seeing. The marketplace where a few bucks will get you a live cam experience with someone who knows and understand the dying art of flirting. While it is not as fulfilling as doing so in real time and real life… at least there, when you vent your frustrations and disrespect your flirtation provider, they just block you and shame you online… warning others not to interact with you.

But worse, as idiots posing as grown men continue to act like fools online, it is pushing smart grown women back off-line into the real world to wonder if it’s really possible to find a gentleman who wants to actually connect with them for their mind… not their bodies. The art of flirting becomes that much more important today as folks look to meet and connect with humans… the way humans have always connected. Face to face.

Those who know the old ways of being human will still find a slight edge. The work will not be any easier, as there are tons of clowns and predators seeking to ravage others to fill the gaping holes in their souls. However, those who know the art well, know how to spot imitators a mile away… and will always move out of the way of the carnage.

With luck, these authentic art keeping folks will connect with each other and civilization for them will continue. And just maybe… they will teach their progeny the skill set and keep hope alive for yet another generation.

To those who have lost the skill, do take heart. It is teachable. It is something that can be learned. How successfully will vary from person to person and teacher to teacher. But, no matter which way you slice it, it is a dying art.

The ways of the gentleman and the lady will be more and more a work of fiction… a unicorn to wonder or laugh about. But those who are the real unicorns will carry the torch in search of other unicorns. Eventually, they will all move to unicorn island awaiting historians to discover them.


p.s. this opinion piece of fiction is totally for entertainment purposes and stretching of the writer’s creative capabilities… despite the more serious tone

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4 thoughts on “A Dying Art

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  1. I absolutely love this piece. It is so true in all realms. I have always appreciated the power of dress, but jobs have limited this until recently, thankfully. It is exciting to see my offspring enjoy and appreciate the empowerment of dressing up. There is hope :). Great blog!!


    1. Thanks! It is a fascinating concept to explore.

      So many things are communicated through our styles and yet so many changes about what we can and how we can communicate that.

      Might do a second post on this…if inspiration takes me deeper into this topic

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      1. So you know there is hope…my children appreciate the value of dressing up, especially for work. They also appreciate the 40’s -50’s era of dress ; ).

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      2. Anytime someone can appreciate art in any form, there is hope. And looks like you have passed on the torch both in teachings and practice. They see an active model of looking the part of a successful adult. That’s awesome!

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