A Perspective on Intimacy

We often think of intimacy as something sexual. It's not. Seeing someone's soul as they are... that's intimacy. Romance with intimacy leads to great sensuality and sex... love too. Looking at authenticity in relationship building through the perspective of intimacy

A Dying Art

Getting to know someone was an art. Today, it's a mine field. Social discourse is now highly politicized and sterilized. Transactions over relationship building... A dying art...

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A Strain Over a Drain of Pain

Couples fight. Some say over big things. Most, if honest, realize they fight over little things. Amber and Douglas were no different. Their fight almost flushed their strain down the drain (small play on words) Raises the question... how do you not sweat the small stuff anyway?

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Irrational Logics

there's at least three different ways to look at one event and come with many differing conclusions. He isn't always right and she's not always either. How can two different people see the same event so differently? Find out inside the blog post...

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