A Strain Over a Drain of Pain

Love can be so beautiful. Love can be such a pain. Love can be just about anything you think it can be, just ten times worse… or better. Whatever the case may be, this time around, love was being a pain.

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The Strain Down a Drain of Pain

Amber was doing all she could to be the perfect wife. She loved her husband Douglas and provided him with all she could. But the man was a royal pain in the rear. The longer she was married to him, the more she found him annoying.

He had this thing of picking at all that she did and finding faults. Yet, the man was totally blind to his own flaws and issues. He walked about as if he was the saint of marriage who knew everything there was to know about being happily married.

As far as Amber was concerned, Douglas could take a seat with all his knowledge and special understandings. Worse, the man had the nerves to try and coach other women about how love worked. But that’s a story for another blog post… maybe another blog entirely.

To those who knew and loved Amber, she was the rock that kept her community alive and well. She was strong. Witty. Agile. Motivated. Successful. Assertive.

Gals around town wanted to be Amber. She looked great, handled the pressures of work with ease, moved up all manners of social circles. If a guy was single, he wanted his lady to be like Amber. Women who had the fortune of dating or being married held on to their men with extra jealous care for fear that Amber might draw their men to her by accident.

And that was the thing, Amber didn’t want the attention, didn’t want the admiration, didn’t ask for it, but kept getting it in spades. It was the curse of being brilliant in a community that valued brilliance so much.

Which further fueled her issue with Douglas. Why would he treat such a great catch like she was with such disdain. Why did he think he was the gift to women? Sure, Amber had great taste in men, but this Douglas had an ego on him that she had failed to notice before.

The extent to which he tried to control things had to get curbed and curved real quick. If this marriage was to survive, Douglas would have to stop being a royal pain that was putting a strain that could flush their relationship down the drain.

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