Time For Second Gear

Fortunately for her, school had plenty to keep her busy. Forgetting was only a matter of time. She was ready to see him again in school. She was not going to answer all the silly questions everyone had asked. She was not going to make any deal about him rescuing her. She was going to lay low about it. Work was work.



The summer was tough. The crash to save Sarah had been very hard on his body. Steve had tried very hard to slow down, but given the closing speeds of the two cars, he had to hit her hard to get her out of the way in time.

He was beating himself very hard about this. The man could have broken her ribs, her back, her neck, or worse. He had not been gentle at all. His best recollection of things, he took off as aggressively as he could, leapt over the fencing, tumbled back up on his feet and gave it all he had. When he got to the edge of the sidewalk, it was practically too late. The two cars were in the process of colliding with her bike.

He had jumped with all he had hoping that he could clear the cars and push her out of the way and save her from being totally crushed. What he had not counted on was how fast gravity pulled him down. In mid air, time seemed to have slowed and he realized the error of his calculations. In his blind haste to save her life, he had never thought for a second about missing her entirely. She was not stationary on her bike.

Worse, he had assumed that she was not seeing where she was going. In mid flight, it dawned on him that both drivers were trying to avoid each other and the crazed mad man running like a wild beast toward the street. This caused them to turn sharply towards her.

He had created the very scenario he was trying to save her from. And worse, he was in air behind her. He had failed.

The only thing to do was to reach out as far as he could to try and grab her shirt and pull with all he had so she could be clear of the collision. He ended up catching her arm far enough to scoop her up and over her bike. The next thing was to keep the rotation going so that he landed first and absorbed her fall. Shield her from his stupidity.

What had totally surprised him and messed with his head was the amount of energy that hit him when the cars slammed into each other. It was a very violent blast of energy that rotate the both of them in mid air. All he could do was try and curl Sarah into his body so that the landing would not be so hard on her.

What he had not realized or allowed himself to accept was the way everyone saw him as a hero. He had nearly killed the love of his life. But he was being applauded like a hero. But wait, why was he thinking of her has the love of his life anyway, he didn’t deserve that privilege.

OK, the love of his life was a bit extreme. They had not yet gone on a date. She had rescued him from the flooding and that was it. He had been the one foolish enough to swear up and down that she was the one. She knew nothing of him.

The landing was brutal. Knocked the wind out of him. He was badly hurt. Several broken ribs hurt. It was a miracle that his arms were not broken at all, albeit the doctors called one fractured with several hairline cracks. Fortunately, no concussions from the fall.

He had slammed into the edge of the curb. The force of the rotation was such that it had rolled him back over his head. He had held on to her and wrapped his legs about hers to prevent hers from slamming into the ground on the sidewalk. That explained why his knees were severely bruised too. His feet were banged up as well.

When Sarah had looked up at him, he was just trying to check that she was OK. He was sitting and cradling her as he was checking for any breaks and cuts. She was fine. She had smiled such a sweet smile at him. He had totally melted. When she faded out, he grew extremely worried. He thought he had killed her and she was gone.

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