Time For Second Gear

For those of you who may have forgotten the saga in the works of Sarah and Steve, feel free to look back at the start point here. Working on resuming the series over the summer and developing it out more. Enjoy this installment

Sarah was having a hard time forgetting about that day she had fallen by the roadside. She was grateful that her wish to be in his arms had been granted. Sadly, that meant she now was even more acquainted with his scent, his strength, his feel, his closeness, his comforting caring hold. He had found a way to be present in her being.

Steve had been gracious enough to go to the hospital with her, not that it was necessary. He had been by her side the whole of the check up to confirm that she was fine. The trip was necessary because she had not held her consciousness when the EMS team was on the scene. People wondered if she had been hurt.

Truth is, she couldn’t believe her eyes every time she looked up and saw she was in Steve’s arm. Sure, this was totally silly. It was pointless. It was childish. It was not her!

She was way stronger than this. She was more self-aware than this. This was humiliating. That is what it was. Complete and total humiliation.

Worse, after she was checked out and a ride was arranged to go home, he took off. He just flat out took off. Sure, he mumbled his goodbye message, but he just took off.

Word had eventually made it back to her about how heroic Steve had been. How he had risked his life to scramble between two cars in the middle of crashing just to save her. Some, jokingly, called him the Clark Kent of town. One of the memes on social media had him in a cape flying to her rescue. The annoying part, they had blurred out his face, or the model’s face to be more precise.

No one had taken a photo of his rescue, but everyone knew that he had managed to cover a great distance in a very very short amount of time to save her. There was a bad quality security camera footage that got a lot of play on the news. It showed Steve acting silly on the school lawn one second then the next in full tilt sprint towards the street.

As he exited the frame, he was seen jumping into the now famed superman leap. According to the police, there is no way the average man could leap that far. The only other footage was from a home security camera that showed him mid flight slamming hard into her as the two cars collided head on. They completely destroyed each other and the bike she had been riding a second before.

How she wasn’t hurt was beyond her. That impact with him looked very violent. The one thing she did note and kept to herself was how he was curling up his body as he was crashing into her. From the physics she knew, it was as if he was trying to absorb as much of the blow as possible. He was, after all, pretty banged up while she was fine. He took the brunt of the hit to the floor. Yet, like all typical macho males, he flat out refused care.

The man was bleeding. He was banged up pretty good. Yet, he only seemed worried about her. So much so that the nurses teased her often about having her own superman watching over her. Her stay was not long enough for them to realize that they were not an item. He was gone and had not shown up for the rest of the summer.

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