Time For Second Gear

Sarah was biking along, she must have seen this and quickly veered over towards the center to avoid the on coming car. The first teen tried to swerve back into the correct lane, the other driver tried to swerve back into their original lane as well.

The bad news was that now the second teen started to lose it. Instead of reaching the brake pedal, they had reached the gas pedal instead. Sarah hearing this had looked over some and moved towards the center line. It would appear they would both miss her if the second driver had not accelerated. The first driver unsure what to do, hesitated too close to the center line, where Sarah was now riding.

This was where the video picked up Steve frantically waving then going into a full blown sprint and massive jump to reach across just in time to move Sarah out of the way as the two cars collided head on.

In the video, as the hoods of the cars crumbled, his body was smacked pretty hard by the lifting hood. He had manage somehow to secure Sarah and pull her off the bike in time, but his legs were not clear. He was very violently spun over as they both crashed out of sight of the frame of the camera as the two cars destroyed each other.

A good search had been in place to find who Steve was. His heroics was amazing. His speed and agility was beyond belief. Everyone now understood that he had taken a severe beating from the crash. But there was no hospital records anywhere of a man being treated for the types of injuries he would have suffered.

Where was this super hero Steve? Was he OK? Did he collapse somewhere or was he really a guardian angel who happened to have stuck around long enough to make sure Sarah was OK?

The school knew it was Steve. The police also knew it was Steve. However, he was not at the address listed. The man had slipped out and wanted no media attention about himself at all. What they had learned was quite an interesting tale of a man who was constantly striking out with the socialites of the town. He lived in very very modest conditions to say the best. Yet, he had slipped and fell off the radar. Who was Steve?
Photos courtesy of the Instagram famed nylonsandsocks who runs http://www.nylonsandsocks.com Thank you kindly for the support in creating and promoting this storyline 

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