Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

Tiffany didn’t like having to spruce herself up at work. She did so because she felt she had to upkeep the image from her interview. It was silly.

Ridiculous really.

She wanted to be measured by her merits, not how feminine and sexy she looked. However, there was the matter of Sam. Handsome, caring, supporting, smart, gentle, protective, Sam.

Once sure of her looks, she put on her game face as she checked her calendar. An agenda meeting was up next.

She was going to that big meeting room. The one that everyone told her was Sam’s territory. By territory, the sound of reverence seemed to indicate, was the conference room where Sam conducted his leading. Tiffany wanted to make sure she came in her best. That was maybe her only chance to catch his eye and subtly let him know she was visible.

So, after applying a final check of her makeup and feeling sheepishly childish about it, Tiffany marched herself to the conference room with as much poise and grace as her nerves would allow.

Seeing the looks on her team’s face made her feel a bit uneasy. She was not used to being looked at so closely and with such wonderment. What were these people thinking? Was something wrong with her look? Did she put on too much perfume? Was her face showing any lack of confidence?

As she entered the conference room, she was taken aback by the instant silence that fell on the room. People swiveled and looked, others stood, some adjusted their suits and ties. Was this for her? Were people really adjusting for her? Must be the person behind her.

Don’t look back

Tiffany found her seat and made herself comfortable. Everyone seemed to fall into order quickly behind her. If she didn’t know better, she’d think she was the one they were waiting on.

They keep looking at me though

There was no Sam however. Every seat was filled. All eyes was on her. Checking her phone nervously, she saw Sam’s text.

Your meeting, boss, knock em dead

Looking up, clearing her throat, Tiffany began with her agenda. Not sure if she was supposed to break the ice or not, her nerves too intense to think. She just ran with her points.

The audience seemed transfixed. They were intently following. Some taking notes furiously. Others nodding. Some pensive. Few shaking their heads. The Q&A session was very thorough and in-depth. The group of leaders in the room seemed very interested in her ideas.

They’re like a captivated audience drinking in all my ideas. Go figure

The one who appeared to be the alpha male of the room closed the meeting by strongly encouraging everyone take to heart the words of wisdom Tiffany had shared and that results were expected.

The thing was…

He moved their deadline up by weeks. She had forecasted one quarter turnaround and the guy was demanding everyone deliver to her weeks ahead of time.

Her time table had been way too aggressive. Her nerves had jumped the broom. Now the others were being held to impossible standards.

How could you screw this up so badly!

As the team left the room, the energy was ramped up. They wanted to please their leader. They had walked in hoping to get a good read and walked out knowing exactly what to do. They were not about to let her down. This woman knew her stuff and had a sharp clear focus. The team happily and eagerly rallied behind her. They knew with her at the helm, they were sitting pretty finally. They had the fearless leader they’d been waiting for.

Later, her phone buzzed. Seeing the message, it was Sam. How convenient. He was thanking her for sparking, no galvanizing, new heat into the various teams. Everyone was buzzing about her plans.

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2 thoughts on “Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

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  1. Nicely done! I can hardly wait for the next installment. I appreciate how the office was charged, waiting for the leadership, appreciating it, rising to the challenge. Watching Sam fight his feelings, agonizing over his choices, making the odd choice of leaving while Tiffany somewhat obliviously has no idea as the months go by. You are weaving quite the tale. It will be interesting to see if anyone stops him before he makes it out the door. Bravo…..again 🙂


    1. Thank you! This story took an interesting twist for sure. That’s all part of the experimental fun. That twist was influenced by a fan who wrote a beautiful story on their blog.

      I do have a few new twists brewing for the next chapter. I’m letting those cook a while before putting it all together.

      So glad you liked the story 🙂


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