Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

No time to rest. Time to hurry up and file away some of the paperwork on her desk. She needed to think straight. This was now the big leagues and it was feeling like the bottom of the ninth.

As she swiveled to get up and file the set of paperwork, her knees buckled under the realization of her role and she dropped everything on the ground.


With a sigh, she thought about how to pick up the paperwork. Her outfit was a little snug and bending over would not work. Her door was glass. Kneeling would not work either, as the stress on the outfit might be too much for the seems. Squatting was all the only alternative she had left as option. And squatting in heels, well, that was always a balancing act she didn’t care for too much.

Down the hall

Word had reached Sam of Tiffany’s killer presentation. He was secretly proud of her growth. She didn’t need him at all. She had taken her lessons, mastered them, and had dominated the room as a winner that she was. Tiffany had tapped into her inner core and found her strength.

Sam was very aware that Tiffany had a very strong powerful presence and personality. Somehow, the years of striving hard to get so little had worn her edge down some. However, she was self-sharpening as well as a quick study.

The conference room he had annexed was now in the hands of a worthy leader. His absence was not missed, as she was the only one who had expected him to be there. It would have been nice to see her in action though.

The office was buzzing with energy. They got the leadership they had been waiting for. They wanted to prove to her that they were worthy of her esteem. No one knew of her self-doubt. That was a secret Sam would never share with anyone.

The only downside to this, all the yes-staff would be bending over backward to please her. The independents of the office had reason to work with her. The rebels of the office seemed to think they had met their match in this young new leader. Age was not going to stop her from ruling with an iron fist was the new slogan around the office.

As much as this pleased Sam tremendously, his heart was a mess. He knew that in theory, he loved a strong woman. He wanted a strong woman. He was certain he needed a strong woman. However, that display of force and ability to cut through the office b.s. so quickly so early meant that Tiffany was not one to cross lightly.

Emotionally, this could be problematic. He loved to be the lead in relationships. He felt it was his place to create the ideal relationship setting. Now, he was finding out that his gut was right. Tiffany needed no one to create anything for her. She was the master of her destiny and took charge easily and effectively.

Sam needed to go for a walk. He had to clear out his head. His heart needed his head to be on it’s A-game before it could figure out if he should approach Tiffany. Working together threw a significant wrench in romantic plans. Especially when words like Alpha-Female was being batted around to describe how Tiffany ran that meeting.

As he made his way down the hall, more like a corridor, he allowed his mind to drift ever slightly into what it would look like if all his cards came through for him. He’d have his hands on Tiffany’s hips as he drew her in close for a kiss. And…

Same knocked into something and fell flat on his face. Not the macho fall on your hands in a push-up way either. It was the clumsy try to save yourself by trying to outrun the fall while flailing your hands and legs in the most awkward way that made people cringe that your joints would fall apart before your face finally slammed the floor with your butt high up in the air… and then rolling over flat on your back in a neck breaking twist of the head type of fall.

Yeah. That kind of fall. With multiple loud bangs, humphs, cracks, and bams along the way.

As Sam collected his thoughts and began to realize how hurt he really was, he felt the only ray of hope was that no one had seen his humiliation. The corridor had no security cameras yet. His ego had fled the scene like one would if the cops was trying to catch you in a bank heist. As Sam found a way to slowly right himself, his attention stood full erect as he realized just where his body had come to rest.

He was in front of Tiffany’s glass door. Somehow, in the pretzel twisting type of fall, his head had come to rest close to the foot of the door. As he looked to see if he was caught, he was blessed with the sounds of angels singing his name. Or so he thought.

Tiffany was squatting so elegantly and beautifully picking up a stash of papers off the floor. Maybe his dumb behind had made such rattling sounds in it’s fall that she had dropped the papers in sheer surprised fear.

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2 thoughts on “Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

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  1. Nicely done! I can hardly wait for the next installment. I appreciate how the office was charged, waiting for the leadership, appreciating it, rising to the challenge. Watching Sam fight his feelings, agonizing over his choices, making the odd choice of leaving while Tiffany somewhat obliviously has no idea as the months go by. You are weaving quite the tale. It will be interesting to see if anyone stops him before he makes it out the door. Bravo…..again 🙂


    1. Thank you! This story took an interesting twist for sure. That’s all part of the experimental fun. That twist was influenced by a fan who wrote a beautiful story on their blog.

      I do have a few new twists brewing for the next chapter. I’m letting those cook a while before putting it all together.

      So glad you liked the story 🙂


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