Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

However bad it was, the images were permanently etched in his mind. He wanted to go back. He wanted to see Tiffany again. He wanted to get to know her in a more personal way. But he was not in a position to do anything social at work. With the sudden appearance of way more camera than he had recommended, he knew that the hunt for him was on. They needed proof of his actions to fire him.

His best option was to avoid the corridor any time Tiffany was in her office. That way, any time he passed by, if anything happened, his alibi was that he didn’t know she was there and the tapes would bare that fact out.

Before the Trap closed

Months had passed. The investigation team felt that there was no single candidate for that crime in question. With the comedian not asked to testify, it was hard to say who it was that was watching from the floor. The funny man had kept Sam’s identity private because he was not completely sold that Sam was snooping. It was looking awful bad for a man to be on his tummy looking longingly inside the office from the floor. Sam was not that type of guy.

Sure he was very fond of women who dressed up really nicely in the office. Sure he paid them more compliments than anyone else, but Sam also paid sharp looking guys the same amount of polite compliments too. He himself was always sharply tailored. Maybe, he might have fallen and was smitten by what he saw before he could catch himself.

The quiet reality around the office, everyone knew that Sam loved pretty women just like the next guy. He just was not as afraid to say it as the next guy. Now that Tiffany had raised the standards and most women were now expressing themselves more fully, it was a lot more fashion diversity to look at and Sam’s consistency meant that more people got compliments than before. It was hard to say that he had a type now, since his compliments was less narrowly focused to women in high heels and short skirts or dudes with sharp looking bow-ties. It was for everyone who looked like they cared about their look period.

One the last day of the sting, something seemed a bit odd. Sam was walking about the office a bit lost. He was not his usual sharp focused purpose driven man. He paced way more than normal. He stood by the copier pretending to be busy a lot more than usual. OK, he never paced or hung about the copier before.

Head of security found that most puzzling. The one man who was always crystal clear about everything he did was not acting right. Not like he was under the influence of anything. That would have been easy to spot. No. This was like a man hurting emotionally. Like he got dumped by his girlfriend.

As the day wore on, Sam’s behavior kept shifting and changing. It was as if something about that corridor was calling him and he was fighting his nature. The man had a stellar reputation. He was razor edge clean. He had help build the company from a small firm to the large one it was almost overnight. The man was legend. He was rock solid. Fully transparent and honest. He was one of the last good men any single woman would ever hope to find.

After many erratic distracted paces, the confident form returned. The man got back into his game. He electrified his team and his section of the office came to life. Maybe he was thinking about how to motivate them and was over thinking it.

As the head of security was relaxing and getting set to close the investigation, Sam took the turn he had not taken since the cameras were installed. He went for the corridor.

The head of security smiled. It was about time that Sam went to go see the woman he had brought into the firm. It was his recommendation to bring her on. She had spoken very highly of him. Everyone wondered why he had kept a low profile from her. Now the man was going to finally break the ice with his recruit.

Somehow, Sam must have missed the trash can that was slipped out into the hallway. The guy didn’t react. He walked straight into it and went into the most awkward attempt to save himself. How Sam managed to hit is face with the trash can twice during the longest fall in history would remain a mystery until the tapes were played back in slow motion.

When Sam’s body finally took over his mind and stopped fighting the inevitable, the man came to rest real close to the wall and door of Tiffany. He appeared out cold. One of the security staffs got up to move, but the head signaled him to wait.

Zooming in, they saw the registry of intense pain on the man’s face. As he cleared his own cobwebs with a shake and fist pound of the ground, he turned about to orient himself.

As soon as his head turned and saw the glass, it became clear that all the air and spirit Sam had was teleported out of the building.

Sam sat up. Head down in defeat. Got up. Walked back towards his office with shoulders extremely slumped. When the door finally opened from his office, he had a box of all his personal effects and walked straight to his car.

Sam knew of the sting it appears. No memo of one quitting made security’s inbox either. Sam had just flat walked out and quit.

Upon close and careful review of the tapes and security logs, the analytic team were able to find out that not only was Sam the guy from the first accusation, his behavior suggested the man was terrified of being caught. With that fall, he felt his hope was gone.

What Sam and Tiffany did not know was that the trash can was not in the hallway when he had first entered it. Given how the trash cans were, they wouldn’t have caused such a catastrophic fall either. Someone wanted Sam out of the picture. The question was who and why.

The head of security set up an appointment to meet with Tiffany. They had a lot to talk about. They had a lot of moves to make. There was an agenda behind the agenda. She needed to know and he needed her advice. Head of security couldn’t believe that a woman as young as his daughter was now going to advise him. If anyone would know what to do, it turns out it was Tiffany. That woman had power and gravitas. Whomever was behind this, Tiffany would uncover and make them pay. No one crosses that much power and leaves unscathed.

To be continued

P.S. for those who missed the first part of this storyline, you can catch up with the link provided below. Also, bonus photo provided by the lovely Blackbra420 of Instagram who helped shape and inspire both chapters in this series.



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2 thoughts on “Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

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  1. Nicely done! I can hardly wait for the next installment. I appreciate how the office was charged, waiting for the leadership, appreciating it, rising to the challenge. Watching Sam fight his feelings, agonizing over his choices, making the odd choice of leaving while Tiffany somewhat obliviously has no idea as the months go by. You are weaving quite the tale. It will be interesting to see if anyone stops him before he makes it out the door. Bravo…..again 🙂


    1. Thank you! This story took an interesting twist for sure. That’s all part of the experimental fun. That twist was influenced by a fan who wrote a beautiful story on their blog.

      I do have a few new twists brewing for the next chapter. I’m letting those cook a while before putting it all together.

      So glad you liked the story 🙂


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