Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

But her legs though. Her sweet beautiful legs. Sam wished his testosterone had not remained. He could use the break from a massive rush of it. They could have fled the building with his ego. But no, not his luck. The surge of arousal was reminding him he was still laying flat on his tummy. But her legs though.

The hemline was elevated. The lighting was perfect. The smoothness of the legs begging for him to caress. She was studiously working to put the documents together quickly. Her backside facing him, he was keenly aware that it was very round and very very soft looking. However soft it was, it had the firm vibe of one who worked out and kept in shape.

She was looking ever so flawless with her hair cascading down her back. He so needed to get up and relieve the pressure that was rising.

Carefully, quietly, he pulled himself back and started to get up. The voice of the office comedian behind him sank his stomach straight through the basement. No amount of damage control would spare his career. The testosterone flow evaporated faster than cold water in a desert during a heatwave.

Curling himself into a tight ball on the floor, he fiend a cough that didn’t sell itself well to the comedian. Instead of mercifully riding him with humor, the man quickly went into Tiffany’s office. Before the door managed to close, his humiliation was being reported as Tiffany gasped in shock and disbelief.

Sam found enough strength to regain his composure and vanish into the ether as Tiffany popped her head out to see who was snooping on the floor while she was so delicately exposed.

Tiffany was angry and livid. She didn’t think this type of amateur childish foolery took place in such a prestigious office. While she would have loved to consult Sam on what would be the best way to go, her inner voice suggested otherwise. If there was a pervert sneaking about the office, she was going to bait him, confront him, then expel him herself. That is what a leader did. That is what she would do to the coward who couldn’t bring himself to speak to her face to face.

After the trap was set

The security cameras were rushed into place. A sting operation was set. Whomever was thinking they could crawl around to get a look up a woman’s skirt, well they would be very sorry. The head of security was a man of his word. Old school type. He was not going to scare anyone without proof. He was going to quietly catch the fool. He agreed with Tiffany, this had to be handled discretely.

The various teams did not know there was a sting. They just knew that new cameras now peppered the building as a precautionary aide to security. There was talk about being prepared in case some intruder wanted to create terror, it would give the response teams quicker access to respond more tactically and strategically.

They all agreed it was a nice move. The sole person to wonder about data being recorded was assured that none was kept for more than the minimal amount of state required time. All data was then auto-deleted. None went off-site unless there was an event that needed to be studied. This calmed the unspoken fears that big brother was going to be watching.

Tiffany had sold the plan very well. She had lead the charge. The office comedian kept his mouth shut as he had been stiffly warned by Tiffany not to say a word. He understood that he was not to cross this young soon to be executive.

The troops all fell in line. The wait was on. Now Tiffany was emboldened to sweeten the deal by dressing even more powerfully yet more feminine. She enjoyed the feel of being fully woman while at the same time watching the various facial expressions of people who were falling for the charm by the water-cooler. She was the woman to know. The person to have in your corner.

Sam from his end of things kept a seriously low profile. Appearing at key moments and meeting just enough to keep his credibility intact. He made a point to never miss any eye contact the comedian may have had. If he flinched, he knew that he would be toast. The butt of any jokes would quickly shred his life.

Furiously polishing his resume, Sam worked frantically to find a new job. He knew it was only a matter of time before HR spoke to him about his behavior. There was no way out.

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2 thoughts on “Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

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  1. Nicely done! I can hardly wait for the next installment. I appreciate how the office was charged, waiting for the leadership, appreciating it, rising to the challenge. Watching Sam fight his feelings, agonizing over his choices, making the odd choice of leaving while Tiffany somewhat obliviously has no idea as the months go by. You are weaving quite the tale. It will be interesting to see if anyone stops him before he makes it out the door. Bravo…..again 🙂


    1. Thank you! This story took an interesting twist for sure. That’s all part of the experimental fun. That twist was influenced by a fan who wrote a beautiful story on their blog.

      I do have a few new twists brewing for the next chapter. I’m letting those cook a while before putting it all together.

      So glad you liked the story 🙂


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