Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty


When we last saw Sitting Pretty

Tiffany had just landed a job that was above her expectations. Her trust in Sam’s judgment had been put to the ultimate test. Now she was settling into her new office. There was much to learn. Much to do. Much leadership skills to enhance.

It is one thing to sit pretty, it is another to be pretty in that very seat. Tiffany also had to regulate her emotions towards Sam. They were equals at work yet her eyes just flared up in stars whenever she saw him. It was time for her to put on the brakes. Can’t screw up a new job before it even took off.

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Just How Pretty is Sitting Pretty

Tiffany was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the paperwork that had to be processed in her new office. The last person who had handled the position left without leaving any hint as to what to do next. The team was holding course best they could but were in sore need of leadership.

The company had tried to stretch resources to cover the vacancy and had grown tired. Tiffany could fee the atmosphere’s intense tension of thick expectations dripping through the walls. Even in the meetings, the excitement was more than palpable. They wanted and needed huge results fast.

Talk about pressure.

Worse, she picked up on the vibe that floated about the women of the office. Her interview had made a huge splash. Many were starting to shift their wardrobes. Some for the new competition, others for the new role model, others still because they felt the standard had been raised and the expectations would soon follow.

Many of the guys in the office seemed to feel happy to have new competent blood in the hot seat. What she looked like was not that important to them. They just wanted to know that their new leader was capable. From the types of questions fielded, Tiffany was earning their trust very fast.

There were a few guys, however, who felt they should have gotten the position and would probably help spread the notion that she got the job based on how she dressed. Worse, that her looks were the reason why she got the job. Tiffany hated that and was bracing herself for a ton of it soon.

Little did she understand that her presence was it’s own powerhouse. She commanded respect and got respect. Being she was so used to being herself, she couldn’t see the level of authority that came through with her competence.

But Sam, where was he? She had not seen Sam around the office since he had greeted her and welcomed her to the team. Sure, he had his own team to worry about, but she could use his mentoring right about now. Especially as she riffled through piles and piles of paperwork.

The days would be long and hard, nothing new to her, and the weekends would be swamped by piles of paperwork. Reading, sorting, understanding, figuring, and then delegating and completing.

Sam from his perspective knew that the last thing Tiffany needed was a scandal. The office was pretty understanding of women’s abilities to lead. He did not want to do anything that would cloud her respect. If he showed any interest in her, it would take away from her team’s respect. She had to stand on her own and win on her own.

This made him all the more sad because his heart was yearning ever more for contact with Tiffany. He was in the same building, same floor, same part of the floor and the scent of her perfume made it to his office every single day. The man knew how to block distractions well, after all he was a senior ranked employee. But, why though. His heart didn’t care for the intellectual rationalization of why he could not have Tiffany.

Shaking his head, Sam reminded himself that in their friendship, they never talked about who was dating who. They spoke about standards and expectations, but they didn’t ask anything specific about the dates they had. Not sure why that was, Sam assumed that Tiffany was trying to spare his feelings for her. How could she not tell. He was always so deeply affected by her presence.

Didn’t matter. Tiffany was off limits. And that was that.

Then a wave of her perfume hit him.


Oh sweet Tiffany. He knew she was ruining him by applying her perfume at work instead of at home. Women had such ways of teasing and ruining the steadiness of a man’s heart. Resistance was inevitably futile.

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  1. Nicely done! I can hardly wait for the next installment. I appreciate how the office was charged, waiting for the leadership, appreciating it, rising to the challenge. Watching Sam fight his feelings, agonizing over his choices, making the odd choice of leaving while Tiffany somewhat obliviously has no idea as the months go by. You are weaving quite the tale. It will be interesting to see if anyone stops him before he makes it out the door. Bravo…..again 🙂


    1. Thank you! This story took an interesting twist for sure. That’s all part of the experimental fun. That twist was influenced by a fan who wrote a beautiful story on their blog.

      I do have a few new twists brewing for the next chapter. I’m letting those cook a while before putting it all together.

      So glad you liked the story 🙂


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