Feminism Changed Our Marriage 3/3


A relationship needs two strong independent people in order to work. They both have to bring their best ideas to the table and discuss them calmly and rationally. Then, the best idea is the one to pursue. It’s OK to not know which idea is the best. It’s OK to change one’s mind along the way. What is important is that the couple work together through all the nuances of the journey.

To color the discussion on gender is to do the relationship a disservice. It is one couple made of two individuals. Not two individuals trying to win at the other’s expense. It is most certainly not about the more dominant gender either. As we all know… the gender that is dominant varies from circumstances to circumstance and couple to couple… and has no bearing on the solution of the problem.

Empowering each other to commit to the process is much smarter, even though sometimes harder, than battling for the win. Two heads are better than one when they both bring to the table their differences. That way, a problem can be faced from multiple angles and a better solution is found. If both heads saw the same thing, there would be no point in having two look at the same problem.

Feminism is about a woman being empowered to be a woman as she sees fit to be a woman. It’s about letting her have her own voice and using it as she feels it should be. For those who think that feminism is about the destruction of masculinity, not only are you visiting the wrong blog, you’re missing the point of feminism.

A man can be 100% a man without interfering with a woman being a woman. The same is true for a woman. She can be 100% herself without interfering with a man being a man. The two can live in harmony without minimizing each other.

When civilization made the tragic error of assuming one gender was superior to the other… a lot of harm was created to more than half of humanity. A woman who is limited, by default of her influence on her family and friends, leaves a limited community and upcoming generation. A man who lives with a limited woman, by default of the law that states… “you’re the average of the five people closest to you”… is hurting himself by having his closest person be less than themselves. By sheer male logics… it’s in a man’s best interest to make sure his woman is as powerful and successful as she can possibly be.

The way to make modern life work best for a marriage… both members of the union have to play at their best and for the best of each other. Then, when honesty and openness wins, both parties will be better for it… and thus the relationship will win.

Change is not always easy or fun. However, it is not devoid of fun and happiness. Adjust to the ever changing tide of life without losing yourself, your values, the relationship values, and the values of the family. That way, the whole will adapt and thrive in this ever changing world.

remember… this was all for entertainment purposes. If your relationship needs help, do find a trained professional who can help you navigate your unique circumstances

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Feminism Changed Our Marriage – Trilogy

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Below, for those reading in the future, here are the links to navigate the chapters of this story.

  • Feminism Changed our Marriage – intro - Intro - When gender roles get challenged along the career path, some strange things start to happen in Dorothy's and Albert's life Will their relationship survive the changes? Trilogy coming...
  • Feminism Changed Our Marriage 1/3 - Part 1 - Trilogy Dorothy discovers, through friends, that she's not leading her family as strongly as she should. Feminism isn't such a bad word. Seizing her power, she ramps things up. All is well until she discovers some dark secret that Albert has been hiding. Trouble falls on paradise
  • Feminism Changed Our Marriage 2/3 - Part - 2 Albert tried his best to make Dorothy happy. All seemed well. However, over time, Albert realized how much control he had given up. Worse, he was being wiped out of the home he thought he was co-leading Friends were helping his wife remove him from his own marriage. Then, one day, Dorothy discovered his secret. Now the marriage was in jeopardy
  • Feminism Changed Our Marriage 3/3 - Part - 3 Negotiating changes in gender roles is one thing. Change in culture and purpose compounds the challenges Dorothy and Albert now confront this big secret with the help of a therapist. Will the marriage survive? Can a new balance be found without Dorothy feeling a loss of power? Or Albert feeling less of a man?

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Feminism Changed Our Marriage Trilogy

Dorothy and Albert face changes in their day to day life that threatened the peace in their marriage

Eventually, something had to give.

A fictional look at one small perspective of change in marriage and love


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