All Things Nice

All Things Nice

There is this theory
That all things sweet
All things beautiful
Are just a reflection of you

Sure, that may sound silly
But, give me a sec, you’ll see
It’s really all about you
Just it should be, boo

A beautiful mind to make decisions
A heart, caring and loving, with precision
Hands, oh the touch, that heals incisions
Eyes, that sparkle, and brings dreams to fruition

The garden of Eden was brought to my doorstep
The minute the good Lord ordered my steps
Without you, life would be a series of missteps
Because of you, I’ve got a pep in my steps

Roses have a beautiful red coat
A vividness I can now understand
Because of that lovely red velvet coat
The one you used on that date by the food stand

Cashmere’s softness only remind me of the suppleness of your skin
The silk of which nourishes the soul beaten down by the grind
Who knew that lavender was so calming
Much like your voice when you’re calling

The birds, when they sing
Happily flying about
Reminding me of the time in the park on the swings
A moment with such a spark

Confidence once had a masculine feel to it
But you came and showed me the grace of it
The feminine touch that strengthens it
Watching you easily tackle with a smile… all of it

And so it is, the way you hold your pen
Even handwritten letters look sweet
When you do it with that pensive tilt
Letting your hair flow into the words you ink

The symphony plays their masterpieces
Much like nature’s standing ovation
Whenever you walk the streets
And the birds all sing harmoniously

It could be a natural geyser
Or a hydrant’s spray
The cascade of water
All like the cascade of your hair

Then, there’s the color pink
Not just from your blushes
But in style, the fashion’s hue
A reflection of you

There is this theory
That all things sweet
All things designed beautiful
Sings praises to you

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