Random Text

Random Text

The other day.
Not sure quite what to say.
While at work trying to make hay
You sent a random text just to say “hey”

What you didn’t know
In that moment during the snow
Things were not going slow
Setbacks were testing my ego

Frustrated by the chaos of the moment
Nearly missed the notification, the phone was on silence
But, just out of curiosity
Not sure who would text, the moment, a bit of audacity

But there it was, your face
The sweetness of your smile
Glad I had saved that photo
Making me feel like I won the lotto

It’s as if you knew I was hurting for you
Reminding me the connection we have is true
Living life without you would be unduly cruel
That random text, changed the mood to a different hue

The day changed
Some thought it was strange
But really, I’m like a new man
That random text, part of your master plan

Later, that day
When done making the hay
A few of the guys popped by to say
They had tickets to the game with Green Bay

Not that I couldn’t go for the Giants
You weren’t going to prevent me cheering for a triumph
But the feelings from that random text… sliver of Zion
Had to flex my inner lion

They teased that I was whipped
They don’t know about your use of Kool-Whip
This choice was much easier than a coin flip
I easily gave them the slip

Heading home, to be with you
The text still playing in my head
All I want is to wrap my arms around you
It’s the only thing that matters, the homestead

To see the look on your face
What I tell you about the about-face
Your random text did in the clutch moment of haste
A new appreciation of your love, your random text had me taste

Now home to your sweet embrace
I’m ready to write on your back
With my kisses as I hold you close
Just how much I missed you all day

Just when I was ready to plant a kiss on your lips
Your phone jiggled with it’s ring
You, given to check, picked up to see who did ring
Watching your face light up as you read the message therein

I had timed the delayed text perfectly
To appear just as random as could delightfully be
Now you’re getting to see it so sweetly
The power of a well placed random text

random text 1

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