Making Time

The march of time often appears to change romance and stall love However... are we really making time for love? Robbing Peter to pay Paul... or investing in bonding through love? Musings on the time we say we spend... and should be spending

Random Text

Sometimes, all it takes is a well placed random text message to make the day bright for a lover Romance fueled by tech isn't always a bad thing

Team Work

The musings of a relationship that works together. The reflection of how a couple can adapt to the pressures of life when they work together

A little poetic look at the way love moves through seasons, hearts, and paces. A little walk through the paces of #love The highs and lows Karma's drama So long as you #feed your #love it will grow #poetry #romance #life on the blog

The Repose

When we push ourselves without regards to rest, we create a lot of damages to ourselves and those around us. Take a little time to rest every now and again

I just want to DM her…

Online... fellas have earned the rep of being crass...rude... demanding... demeaning... etc But... really... does that have to be? If you want to impress the woman, try not being such a guy for a change

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Feminism Changed Our Marriage 3/3

Part - 3 Negotiating changes in gender roles is one thing. Change in culture and purpose compounds the challenges Dorothy and Albert now confront this big secret with the help of a therapist. Will the marriage survive? Can a new balance be found without Dorothy feeling a loss of power? Or Albert feeling less of a man?

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