Musings 2017

There are times when ideas perplex, other times inspire, but more often cause to reflect. These ideas could become full blown blog ideas, but often times they don’t.

These are the musings of partially completed thoughts that grace the blog and find themselves collected on a separate page… this page.

Their whole point of being is a bit of journalistic thinking out loud in near poetic phrasing about a small perspective on love that could sizzle or fizzle. Who knows, maybe these notes will become part of a greater story… but for now… this is their stories.


The collection of all the various musings as they happen across the life of the blog will settle into a lovely pile of clickable images and titles for your binge reading pleasure.


  1. I Try… - Sometimes... routine and life gets in the way of saying "I Love You" But you still have to try and let her know you love her A fictional letter from a man to his lady... so she knows.. he loves and still cares
  2. It’s a matter of perspective - The more perspectives one is open to, the more aspects of love one is able to see. A back-in-the-day post


For a list of all the various annual musings… just check out the pages below


Musings 2017

A few mused reflections on love in 2017 gathered as a table of content style post

Musing 2018

A collection of mused thoughts on love and it’s perspectives during 2018

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