Relationship Monday – up to 2018

Let us take a moment to reflect on the various aspects of a relationship that makes the work. Then, throw in a bit of motivation, stir with the heat of curious passion, and throw in a blog link… and you get…

Relationship Monday

There is something about getting up on Mondays to push forward that requires a bit of a push in the professional world.

This also applies in the personal world. There are literal and proverbial Mondays in each relationships.

That moment when one feels blue and downbeat about the nature of the love relationship. A periodic boost is in order.

This is the playground of pulling ideas that could prove inspirational to the reader in the quest to keep their own perspective on love healthy and vibrant.

Below is the collection as it slowly grows… for entertainment purposes of course.

  1. The Habit of Building Romance - It may take two to tango, but each person has to have the purpose of tangoing. Relationships require both purpose/goals and habits/routines of success. But, this does not take away from originality, art, science, and spontaneous acts. The habit of building romance is the foundation...
  2. Partnership – I win because you win - Sure, it takes two to tango. However, most do not fully understand what that means. Working together to make a relationship work involves keeping the gossipers out... Plus it means practicing a lot before making dreams and goals come true. Then, the tango will work beautifully and amaze everyone. You win by making sure your partner wins
  3. The Fabulous Circle - Everyone is influenced by someone. This included relationships. They're influenced by others as well. what's in your average? Who does your relationship spend the most time with.. and what's the influence?
  4. Slowly Raise the Bar - Complacency ruins romance. The only way to keep love alive and well... raise the bar of your romance game every week, every month, every year. Do better. Surround yourself with positive folks. Then... make your romance great on purpose
  5. Trust as a Guide - Relationships are built on trust. We value trustworthy people. How about our own inner trust game, can we trust it? A strong inner trust game leads to stronger better relationships and more Happy Monday - Motivation based on a quote
  6. Relational Levels of Awareness - Who sets the temperature of the thermostat? Are they aware of how others in the house feel about their choice? The degree of awareness a person has will greatly influence how well they relate with others. Trust what people show holds the key to who they are and how aware they are. Openmindedness is good
  7. Growth vs Change Approach - When the timing for marriage brought up 'stress' between Tammy and Scott... they knew they had to change their approach. Change is inevitable. One can hope and pray... or one can grow and adapt to change. Happy Monday
  8. New Season of Love - Just because Old Man Winter didn't get the memo about Spring doesn't mean one can't reset and refresh one's love's perspective. It is the season to revamp goals and love... because Spring is in the air!
  9. A Case of Boundaries - All relationships are complex evolving negotiations. Boundaries help keep things smooth. Keep love fresh by keeping sour influences out of it... with well designed boundaries.
  10. Strength To Apologize - It takes courage to admit you're wrong. The added vulnerability can build up relationships Real Men know how to say "I'm Sorry"
  11. Start Where You’re At - Before getting into a great romance, make sure you're romance ready. Then, once you've found romance... work to make it awesome.... as it won't do it on it's own.
  12. Why Can’t I just go to bed angry? - A look at the wisdom behind the advice about not going to bed angry... it may save your love the perspective of managing anger to preserve the relationship... and still get some sleep... even if angry
  13. When Rushing Back to School… don’t forget a love note - With the rush back to school behind us...and homework filling in the schedules... Couples with school age children sometimes... have to get creative with notes to remind each other of their love
  14. The Dealt Hand - We find love when and where it finds us. Some have it easier than others. However, the success of love depends on how you pay the hand you're dealt Too many people give up early... and some stay too long... but are you playing so love can win?
  15. Is it really forgive and forget? - In love, the ability to forgive is very liberating and powerful. The ability to forget... turbo boots this phenomenon.
  16. When Hard Times Arrive… talk nicely to one another - When stress rise, sadly, it's usually our close loved ones who feel the sting of our words the most When hard times arrive... remember to be kind to those you say you love
  17. So… who wears the pants now? - We often think of a relationship as having one person in charge. But is it really just one person in charge these days? A look at modern relationship power dynamics
  18. This Assumption Kills Romance - We all want to feel loved. We all want to have amazing relationships How we go about it is where the magic and differences live. Just don't assume your partner will do things just like you do
  19. The children are joining our family… not the other way around - It's very tempting to shift a relationship when a child is born... and neglect the relationship. A word of caution against such an instinct. One doesn't preclude the other.
  20. The Repose - When we push ourselves without regards to rest, we create a lot of damages to ourselves and those around us. Take a little time to rest every now and again

For more projects in coming years… stay tuned to the link below

Relationship Monday – up to 2018

The collection of all the Motivational Monday posts focused on Relationships up to the year 2018

Relationship Monday 2019

Kicking off the year early with the table of contents for all future Relationship Monday posts. Setting the goals high and aiming to win

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