Troubling Nuances

We can attack each other or give each other the benefit of the doubt... then build together. People tend to act from a good place.... however... we don't always agree on what is good. These nuances can be troubling... if mishandled

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That Passive Aggressive Ish

That person who means well... but really hurts all too well. They say stuff, do stuff, forget stuff.... in such hurtful ways.... yet.. they don't see it. Stan had enough. If his lady didn't stop her Ish, their relationship was going to be over.

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First of all… I try…

Sometimes, trying is not enough. Other times... it's the wrong type of trying. When love seems to be excessive amounts of work.. maybe something is lost in translation. On the blog today, looking at how to get the best for the efforts given... work smarter... not harder

When Thinking in Pink

During a pink breast cancer fundraiser concert, a bit of miscommunication leads a couple down a long path. Sometimes, it's best to just over communicate than keep silent. When a pink gift leads to pink cheeks....

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